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Clemson’s New Dynamite Duo

Nov. 3, 2010

By Laurianne Henry

This season, 5th-ranked Tigers Keri Wong and Josipa Bek have combined to form a phenomenal doubles team, playing together for the first time in their three years at Clemson.  The duo reached the finals of the ITA All-Americans in early October and came out strong, winning the USTA/ITA Carolina Regionals, two weeks later.  The two Tigers are on their way to Flushing, NY to compete in the ITA National Indoor Championships, which start November 4. 

It is typical that it takes a couple tournaments or months for a successful pair to warm up to each other and get a feel for each other’s game, but that has not been the case so far for Wong and Bek.

“Other than these tournaments, we really haven’t had a chance to play a lot together”, Wong explained, “and even at this point, we are still trying to figure each other out on the court”.

“We are always trying to get better with hard work and add new tactics on the court to improve our doubles”, added Bek.

With Wong and Bek’s thoughts in mind of looking to continue improving their game, it looks like the Clemson women’s tennis program is going to have another successful doubles duo for the remaining fall season and spring season.

“I’m going to expect the unexpected and play one match at a time.  I don’t have any expectations because I’m excited to even get this far,” exclaimed Wong. 

“When I saw on paper where Nationals was going to be this year, I just worked so hard this season so I could experience playing in New York and taking in the whole experience.”  Bek explained.

Bek, ranked 13th nationally in singles, will also compete in the singles portion of the tournament, starting November 4 as well. She earned a wild card bid as she is ranked in the top-15 nationally and advanced to the finals of the regional tournament.

It is fair to say Wong and Bek know what they want, will show their Tiger teeth and have the tools to put it all together.  To follow Bek and Wong’s results, go to the ITA Tournament Homepage.