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Jun 30, 2021

Name, Image and Likeness Information Page

What is NIL?

Policy Statement: As of July 1, 2021, current and prospective Clemson University student-athletes may earn compensation for the use of their name, image, or likeness (“NIL”) in a manner that is consistent with South Carolina state law, NCAA Interim NIL Policy, and the following provisions of this policy.


1. State Law:

2. NIL Activities:

3. Compensation:

4. Limitations on who may provide NIL Opportunities:

5. Limitations on NIL Activity:

6. Representation:

7. Special Circumstances:

8. Use of University Intellectual Property:

9. Questions concerning this policy should be directed to Steve Duzan (

10. The Director of Athletics’ decisions as to the interpretation and implementation of this policy are final.


Version 1; Oct. 25, 2021


What is Clemson doing to support student athletes?

The Nieri Family Student-Athlete Enrichment Center has long been dedicated to the development of student-athletes off the field, and NIL is no different. Clemson has partnered with a number of internal and external educational resources to help prepare our student-athletes for success in this area.

Clemson has been partnered with Opendorse since 2015 for education and content delivery. Clemson is also partnering with CLC Compass for education and monitoring services, as well as guidance on financial literacy, tax implications and other areas.

May IPTAY members enter into an NIL agreement with a student-athlete?

Yes, provided the compensation is for actual NIL activity by the student-athlete and not as a recruiting inducement or as a means of paying for athletics participation.

Are there prohibited categories?

A student-athlete is not permitted to engage in NIL activity from any of the following categories or brands:

Is there a national solution?

Not at this time. While the NCAA has modified its bylaws to no longer rule student-athletes ineligible for earning compensation based of their NIL, there are a number of national legislative proposals that exist. At this time, Clemson is following the guidance of the State of South Carolina.

May the institution, or its employees, pass along opportunities to student-athletes?

No, pursuant to South Carolina state law, the University cannot facilitate NIL deals with student-athletes. Student-athletes may be contacted directly on their social media platforms. Individuals interested in contacting student-athletes for NIL deals must do so directly. Student-Athlete NIL Directory. 

How long may an NIL contract last?

The contract may not extend beyond an intercollegiate athlete’s participation in an athletic program at an institution of higher learning.

FAQ Updated Oct. 2021