Mission Statement

The Clemson Sports Medicine program is responsible for all instances that affect the health and welfare of the student-athlete while participating in varsity athletics. A student-athlete has been defined as any person participating in a university sponsored varsity intercollegiate athletic activity. The sports medicine program shall be responsible for managing the complete health needs of the intercollegiate student-athlete.

The professional staff at Clemson University has the responsibility to provide quality care and treatment to all student-athletes. The staff also has the primary responsibility over all items affecting the health and safety of a Clemson student- athlete. This includes, and is not limited to, participation, conditioning, protective equipment, maintenance of safe playing fields and facilities and any other matter that will affect a student-athlete’s health and safety.

Vision Statement

The Athletic Training Room (Sports Medicine Department), in accordance with NCAA, ACC, and Clemson University policy, will help to advance the athletic department to a top 20 institution by providing up to date medical care to student-athletes and advocate holistic lifestyle changes to promote athletic leadership and competitive desires. As a staff, we will strive to be the example for Sports Medicine departments in the ACC by promoting professionalism and educational backgrounds in all levels of staffing while maintaining a cost effective budget, as well as promoting Title IX and minority hiring.


Name Pos Bio Link
Donna Bullock Associate Director of Sports Medicine Bio
Mita Patel Associate Director of Sports Medicine Bio
Raz Razayeski Associate Director of Sports Medicine Bio
Pat Richards Head Athletic Trainer for Football Bio
Nick Allen Assistant Athletic Trainer: M/W Tennis Bio
Dillon Barron Assistant Athletic Trainer; Football Bio
Gregory Crisafulli Assistant Athletic Trainer; Women's Soccer Bio
Brad Crowe Assistant Athletic Trainer; M. Basketball Bio
Dayshia Davenport Assistant Athletic Trainer; Men's and Women's Cross Country/Track and Field Bio
Nolan Hartzell Assistant Athletic Trainer; Gymnastics Bio
Kimberley Hill Assistant Athletic Trainer; Baseball Bio
Jessica Novack Assistant Athletic Trainer; Rowing Bio
Katie Rovtar Assistant Athletic Trainer; Softball Bio
Nick Saul Assistant Athletic Trainer; Football Bio
Michael Tang Assistant Athletic Trainer; Football Bio
Amanda Taylor Assistant Athletic Trainer; W. Lacrosse Bio
Candace Wright Assistant Athletic Trainer; W. Basketball Bio
Ryan Ross Director of Physical Therapy Bio
Katie Calpino Assistant Director of Physical Therapy Bio


Name Pos Bio Link
Dr. Larry Bowman Team Orthopedic Bio
Dr. Steve Martin Team Orthopedic Bio
Dr. Sean McCallum Team Orthopedic Bio
Dr. Nate Moroski Team Orthopedic Bio
Dr. Tenley Murphy Team Physician Bio
Dr. Len Reeves Team Physician Bio
Dr. Mike Nelson Team Chiropractor Bio


Name Pos Bio Link
Jessica Rollins Insurance Coordinator Bio


Name Pos
Lila Becker Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer; Tennis
Leah Casey Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer; Rowing
Casey Crouch Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer; Football
Daniel Schultheis Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer; Cross Country/Track and Field
Addison Trower Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer; Football