This year’s competition between the two Palmetto State rivals is presented by the South Carolina Education Lottery!

When the rivals face off this season, each will earn points for a win with the overall winner taking home the Palmetto Series trophy and bragging rights.

Over the last two decades, education funding in the state of South Carolina has benefited from $7.2 billion in lottery proceeds, with students at USC and Clemson receiving more than 350,000 lottery-funded scholarships and grants.

With the Lottery’s sponsorship of the Palmetto Series, a few new points are up for grabs. A point will be awarded to the school with the most current LIFE scholarship recipients and another point for the most current Palmetto Fellows scholarship recipients. And, fans will have a say when they enter their $5 Carolina Jackpot and Clemson Jackpot scratch-offs in the Rival Play Second-Chance Promotion, the school’s ticket with the most entries earns a point.


1 point to the winner of each of the following South Carolina vs. Clemson match-ups:

  • Baseball – TBA
  • Men’s Basketball – TBA
  • Women’s Basketball – TBA
  • Cross Country – TBA
  • Football – Nov. 30, 2024 (Clemson, S.C.)
  • Men’s Golf – TBA
  • Women’s Golf – TBA
  • Men’s Soccer – Aug. 30, 2024 (Columbia, S.C.)
  • Women’s Soccer – Sept. 5, 2024 (Columbia, S.C.)
  • Softball – TBA
  • Men’s Tennis – TBA
  • Women’s Tennis –TBA
  • Volleyball – Sept. 20, 2024 (Clemson, S.C.)


  • 1 point for the school with the current most LIFE Scholarship recipients
  • 1 point for the school with the current most Palmetto Fellows Scholarship recipients
  • 1 point for the school with the most entries into the Rival Play Second-Chance Promotion through the tickets (variable and up to fans/players to decide)