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Post-Game Quotes

Nov. 18, 2007

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Clemson Post-Game Quotes Coach Tommy Bowden Quotes

On the difference in the game: “We both put our best players on the field. The difference was that one separated himself and made plays. Both teams fought very hard for 60 minutes.

On Matt Ryan: “If you give him one down and take even one play off, he can hurt you. You can sack him, but he’s going to bounce back. He’s tall and scrambles. We were able to get good pressure though. He is a great player, we were beaten by the best quarterback in the nation.

On defensive game: “I thought they had a good plan defensively. They have the second-best run defense in the nation and they were able to make us one-dimensional, except for that one scoring drive. I thought we had a good gameplan too. We were able to take some things away and shut them down for a while.

On South Carolina: “It’s going to be tough but we need to get the players to bounce back; It’s a big game to a lot of people. But it is a rivalry game and I know our team will be motivated.”

Boston College Post-Game Quotes Coach Jeff Jagodzinski

On winning: “The best part of Boston College’s football team is its team. That’s the way we played today. We had a lot of adversity this past week. Our linebackers weren’t playing. We lost our kick returner to a concussion. We lost our All-American starting corner and our guys just banded together to win. I told them it wouldn’t be one individual that won the game but our whole team. I’m really proud of our guys. Coming down here and playing in a venue like this is tough on the road and our guys overcame it. It was a great football game and I’m fortunate it swung our way.”

On quarterback Matt Ryan: “He is an operator back there. He is a heck of a football player and I’m glad we have him on our team. One thing Matt Ryan has is great vision. He sees the whole field.”

On clinching the Atlantic Division: “One of the things we said is that we have been banging our head on that glass ceiling for years and I told them at breakfast this morning that it’s glass for a reason because you can break through it. I told them it was our turn to do that. We had the opportunity today and we ended up breaking that glass ceiling.”

On playing against Clemson: “Clemson is a really good football team. The speed that they have at their skill positions is unbelievable. C.J. Spiller looked like he was at a track meet out there.”