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The Graveyard

To document wins against ranked teams away from Death Valley, Clemson constructed a “Graveyard” at the entrance to the Clemson practice fields by the Allen N. Reeves Football Complex.

At the time of its inception, the Graveyard commemorated Top 20 road wins. It has since expanded to include any Top 25 win away from home. A list of games presently memorialized in the Graveyard according to the respective criteria is included below.

Under Dabo Swinney’s watch, the Tigers have added 26 tombstones to the Graveyard — including four during Clemson’s 2016 national championship campaign and another three during its 2018 national title run.

DateOpp. RankOpponentScoreLocation
Nov. 13, 194819Wake Forest21-14Winston-Salem, N.C.
Oct. 28, 195017Wake Forest13-12Winston-Salem, N.C.
Oct. 9, 195414Florida14-7Gainesville, Fla.
Sep. 19, 195912North Carolina20-18Chapel Hill, N.C.
Sep. 17, 197717Georgia7-6Athens, Ga.
Nov. 18, 197811Maryland28-24College Park, Md.
Nov. 8, 19818North Carolina10-8Chapel Hill, N.C.
Nov. 13, 198218Maryland24-22College Park, Md.
Nov. 5, 198310North Carolina16-3Chapel Hill, N.C.
Sep. 20, 198614Georgia31-28Athens, Ga.
Sep. 9, 198916Florida State34-23Tallahassee, Fla.
Oct. 10, 199210Virginia29-28Charlottesville, Va.
Nov. 5, 199419North Carolina28-17Chapel Hill, N.C.
Nov. 9, 199615Virginia24-16Charlottesville, Va.
Sep. 13, 1997*25NC State19-17Raleigh, N.C.
Sep. 29, 20019Georgia Tech47-44Atlanta, Ga.
Jan. 2, 20046Tennessee27-14Atlanta, Ga.
Nov. 6, 200410Miami24-17Miami, Fla.
Nov. 19, 200519South Carolina13-9Columbia, S.C.
Sep. 16, 20069Florida State27-20Tallahassee, Fla.
Oct. 24, 20098Miami40-37Miami, Fla.
Oct. 1, 201111Virginia Tech23-3Blacksburg, Va.
Dec. 3, 20115Virginia Tech38-10Charlotte, N.C.
Sep. 1, 2012*25Auburn26-19Atlanta, Ga.
Dec. 31, 20129LSU25-24Atlanta, Ga.
Jan. 3, 20147Ohio State40-35Miami, Fla.
Dec. 29, 2014*24Oklahoma40-6Orlando, Fla.
Dec. 5, 20158North Carolina45-37Charlotte, N.C.
Dec. 31, 20154Oklahoma37-17Miami, Fla.
Oct. 29, 201612Florida State37-34Tallahassee, Fla.
Dec. 3, 201619Virginia Tech42-35Orlando, Fla.
Dec. 31, 20162Ohio State31-0Glendale, Ariz.
Jan. 9, 20171Alabama35-31Tampa, Fla.
Sep. 16, 201714Louisville47-21Louisville, Ky.
Sep. 30, 201712Virginia Tech31-17Blacksburg, Va.
Nov. 4, 201720NC State38-31Raleigh, N.C.
Nov. 25, 2017*24South Carolina34-10Columbia, S.C.
Dec. 2, 20177Miami (Fla.)38-3Charlotte, N.C.
Nov. 10, 201817Boston College27-7Chestnut Hill, Mass.
Dec. 29, 20183Notre Dame30-3Arlington, Texas
Jan. 7, 20191Alabama44-16Santa Clara, Calif.
Dec. 7, 201922Virginia62-17Charlotte, N.C.
Dec. 28, 20192Ohio State29-23Glendale, Ariz.
Dec. 19, 20202Notre Dame34-10Charlotte, N.C.
Sept. 24, 202221Wake Forest51-45Winston-Salem, N.C.
Dec. 3, 202224North Carolina39-10Charlotte, N.C.

* – denotes coaches poll rank