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The Allen N. Reeves Football Complex is the future of Clemson Football. As one of the largest and most advanced training centers in the country, the facility has become a 178,000-square-foot sanctuary for its athletes. Consisting of top-tier equipment for the best possible athletic performance, this facility provides members of the football program with a truly unique experience you can only get at Clemson. Coach Swinney describes the new complex as the “epitome of Clemson: fun, special, and the best in the country.” Not only does Reeves Complex provide opportunities for both sport and strength training, but it also provides numerous other amenities ranging from Nutrition Centers to Nap Rooms.


The Reeves Lobby is a one-of-a-kind entrance, displaying the Tigers’ achievements throughout the space and creating a truly unique experience for anyone in attendance. One of the most eye-catching features is Reeves’ condensed version of the hill the players run down, paying homage to the tradition in Death Valley before every home football game. Since Clemson’s foundation was built on tradition, this quickly became a crucial attraction for the facility. 

Additionally, the lobby displays all the accomplishments that the Tigers have earned in the history of Clemson Football. The centerpiece of the space is an eye-catching display of the rich history and achievements, including their three National Championship trophies, along with a digital display, showcasing highlights, photographs, and other iconic moments over the years. 

Off the lobby’s right side is the home of P.A.W Journey, a program created to help guide the team through the three main pillars of personal growth, life skills, and professional development. P.A.W Journey develops football scholar-athletes by encouraging them to utilize their skills and passions.

Players’ Lounge

The newly renovated players’ lounge is equipped with a number of amenities to ensure comfort and relaxation between training. This allows the student-athletes to socialize and unwind with their teammates and create a perfect balance between hard work and rest.

Amenities Include:

Locker Room

The Players’ Locker Room is one of the largest in the country and provides a comfortable place for players to dress, recover, and relax. 

Amenities Include:

Equipment Room

The equipment room stands as a one-of-a-kind and crucial part of the staff’s ability to provide gear for the athletes. It is diligently stocked with elite equipment and gear, displaying an unwavering commitment to optimizing athlete performance and ensuring a seamless and triumphant sporting experience.

Amenities Include:

Nutrition Center

The newly renovated Tiger Fuel Nutrition Bar is located in the 25,000 sq. ft weight room. Pre-workout and post-workout foods, snacks, and beverages are easily accessible to Clemson Football players. A variety of energy, protein, and snack bars fill a three-shelf bar display in the center of the Nutrition Bar; and fresh fruit, bagels, trail mix, and other snacks are also available. A new pass-thru refrigerator houses a variety of protein shakes, including Gatorade, Rockin’ Refuel, Muscle Milk, and protein fruit smoothies made in our brand-new Granita smoothie machine, helping Clemson Football players recover after a lifting session. Vitamix Blenders also allow us to customize smoothies for football players with individualized needs.

PAW Bistro

The Paw Bistro provides staff and athletes with a dining hall/training table that provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner with healthy, home-cooked meals that help optimize recovery and performance at the highest level.

Amenities Include:

100 Yards of Wellness

A hallway beside Paw Bistro allows you to enter 100 Yards of Wellness, Clemson’s new $4.9-million wellness space at the Football Complex that spans roughly 300 feet in length that has become a central hub of activity and a major point of pride for Tiger football.

Completed in August 2022, 100 Yards of Wellness represents the natural evolution of Clemson Football’s long-time commitment to student-athlete health and wellness. By literally and figuratively breaking down walls that divided the focus areas, the new space combines Clemson’s athletic training and rehabilitation expertise with its continued innovation in active recovery and applied science.

The treatment and training room area includes all requisite athletic training resources, including a diagnostic office with a fully digital X-ray space and diagnostic ultrasound, a general medical exam room, 30 yards of turf, and hydrotherapy areas, including two underwater treadmills.

Features of the Recovery Center are:

• A cryotherapy chamber for muscle recovery through extreme cold temperature exposure.
• A sensory deprivation float tank that houses 1,200 pounds of Epsom salt dissolved in water at skin temperature to remove athletes from light, sound and some gravitational force.
• Infrared hyperthermic Cocoon pods for Far-Infrared light therapy and vibrational massage.
• Photobiomodulation therapy beds that leverage multiple wavelengths of infrared light to reduce oxidative stress.
• A hyperbaric chamber to create a pressurized environment for concentrated oxygen intake.
• Numerous massage chairs, including both percussive massage and hydromassage options.
• Percussive Hypervolt massage guns.
• Dedicated tables and space for practitioner-assisted stretching, percussive massage gun therapy, and Normatec compressive sleeves provided to each player prior to the season.
• Functional testing equipment to obtain objective information on student-athlete muscle and joint function that can be used for injury prevention and return-to-play purposes.

Outdoor Amenities

Recognizing the beautiful weather present in Clemson, it was highly encouraged that there be outdoor amenities present for players and staff to indulge in between practices and to promote relaxation. This 1.5-acre space has been utilized regularly since its addition to the facility and continues to provide scenic entertainment for both the players’ enjoyment and any events hosted.

Amenities Include:

Weight Room

The Clemson Football Weight Room is over 25,000 square feet on two stories dedicated to football-only strength and conditioning.

With a great deal of professional-level equipment, it allows student-athletes to train correctly in order to increase their strength, power, and endurance, along with their overall health.

The Weight Room includes: