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Mar 01, 2023

Clemson Tigers in the NFL


As of Monday, Sept. 25.

ARIWallace, K'VonS2016-192020 NFL Draft (Round 4, No. 127 Overall)ActiveProfile
ARIWatkins, CarlosDT2012-162017 NFL Draft (Round 4, No. 142 Overall)Reserve/InjuredProfile
ATLHuggins, AlbertDT2015-182019 College Free AgentActiveProfile
ATLJarrett, GradyDT2011-142015 NFL Draft (Round 5, No. 137 Overall)ActiveProfile
ATLPinion, BradleyP2012-142015 NFL Draft (Round 5, No. 165 Overall)ActiveProfile
ATLTerrell, A.J.CB2017-192020 NFL Draft (Round 1, No. 16 Overall)ActiveProfile
BALMullen, TrayvonCB2016-182019 NFL Draft (Round 2, No. 40 Overall)Reserve/Non-Football InjuryProfile
BALSimpson, JohnOG2016-192020 NFL Draft (Round 4, No. 109 Overall)ActiveProfile
BALSimpson, TrentonLB2020-222023 NFL Draft (Round 3, No. 86 Overall)ActiveProfile
BUFLawson, ShaqDE2013-152016 NFL Draft (Round 1, No. 19 Overall)ActiveProfile
BUFSpector, BaylonLB2017-212022 NFL Draft (Round 7, No. 231 Overall)Reserve/InjuredProfile
CARWilliams, DeShawnDT2011-142015 College Free AgentActiveProfile
CINCarman, JacksonOL2018-202021 NFL Draft (Round 2, No. 46 Overall)ActiveProfile
CINHiggins, TeeWR2017-192020 NFL Draft (Round 2, No. 33 Overall)ActiveProfile
CINMurphy, MylesDE2020-222023 NFL Draft (Round 1, No. 28 Overall)ActiveProfile
CINReader, DJNT2012-152016 NFL Draft (Round 5, No. 166 Overall)ActiveProfile
CLEWatson, DeshaunQB2014-162017 NFL Draft (Round 1, No. 12 Overall)ActiveProfile
DALKearse, JayronSS2013-152016 NFL Draft (Round 7, No. 244 Overall)ActiveProfile
INDRodgers, AmariWR2017-202021 NFL Draft (Round 3, No. 85 Overall)Practice SquadProfile
JAXEtienne Jr., TravisRB2017-202021 NFL Draft (Round 1, No. 25 Overall)ActiveProfile
JAXLawrence, TrevorQB2018-202021 NFL Draft (Round 1, No. 1 Overall)ActiveProfile
JAXShatley, TylerOL2019-132014 College Free AgentActiveProfile
KCPowell, CornellWR2016-202021 NFL Draft (Round 5, No. 181 Overall)Practice SquadProfile
KCRoss, JustynWR2018-212022 College Free AgentActiveProfile
LACMcFadden, JordanOL2018-222023 NFL Draft (Round 5, No. 156 Overall)ActiveProfile
LACMuse, TannerS2015-192020 NFL Draft (Round 3, No. 100 Overall)ActiveProfile
LACWilliams, MikeWR2013-162017 NFL Draft (Round 1, No. 7 Overall)ActiveProfile
LARAllen, DavisTE2019-222023 NFL Draft (Round 5, No. 175 Overall)ActiveProfile
LARAnchrum Jr., TremayneOL2016-192020 NFL Draft (Round 7, No. 250 Overall)ActiveProfile
LVRenfrow, HunterWR2014-182019 NFL Draft (Round 5, No. 149 Overall)ActiveProfile
MIAWilkins, ChristianDT2015-182019 NFL Draft (Round 1, No. 13 Overall)ActiveProfile
MINBooth Jr., AndrewCB2019-212022 NFL Draft (Round 2, No. 42 Overall)ActiveProfile
NOBresee, BryanDT2020-222023 NFL Draft (Round 1, No. 29 Overall)ActiveProfile
NYGLawrence, DexterNT2016-182019 NFL Draft (Round 1, No. 17 Overall)ActiveProfile
NYGSimmons, IsaiahLB2016-192020 NFL Draft (Round 1, No. 8 Overall)ActiveProfile
PHIGoodrich, MarioCB2018-212022 College Free AgentActiveProfile
PHINgata, JosephWR2019-222023 College Free AgentPractice SquadProfile
SFBryant, AustinDE2015-182019 NFL Draft (Round 4, No. 117 Overall)Practice SquadProfile
SFFerrell, ClelinDE2015-182019 NFL Draft (Round 1, No. 4 Overall)ActiveProfile
SFMcCloud III, Ray-RayWR2015-172018 NFL Draft (Round 6, No. 187 Overall)ActiveProfile
TENHopkins, DeAndreWR2010-122013 NFL Draft (Round 1, No. 27 Overall)ActiveProfile
WASHenry, K.J.DE2018-222023 NFL Draft (Round 5, No. 137 Overall)ActiveProfile

Note: Positions listed reflect positions played at Clemson