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Clemson’s Top 25 Football Players Of The Century

This year the Clemson sports information department conducted a poll of the top 25 Clemson football players of the 20th Century. Players were announced five at a time in decending order in each home football program. A 28-person panel selected the team. They voted for their top 25 players with each selection receiving a corresponding point total 1-25, just as the AP conducts its football poll each week.

Banks McFadden was ranked first. He was rated number-one on 19 of the 28 ballots. No other player was listed first on more than three ballots. The committee, which was made up of former players and administrators who followed the Clemson program at least 20 years, did an outstanding job in the selection process.

The players were distributed fairly equally by position and at least one player from each decade from 1930-90 was selected. It is easy to see what the committee feels is the most talented team in Clemson history. Nine of the 25 players listed were members of the 1978 Clemson team. Six of the top 25 were on the 1981 National Championship team. There were four running backs, four linebackers, four receivers, three offensive linemen, three defensive linemen, three defensive backs, three quarterbacks and one kicker chosen.

Here is the final list of the Top 25 Clemson Players of the Century:

Rk      Player, Pos, Years1.      Banks McFadden, QB, 1937-392.      Jeff Davis,LB, 1978-813.      Terry Kinard, FS, 1978-824.      Jerry Butler, WR, 1975-785.      Steve Fuller, QB, 1975-786.      Fred Cone, RB, 1948-507.      William Perry, DL, 1981-848.      Levon Kirkland, LB, 1988-919.      Anthony Simmons, LB, 1995-9710.     Michael Dean Perry, DT, 1984-8711.     Joe Bostic, OG, 1975-78 12.     Donnell Woolford, DB, 1985-8813.     Bennie Cunningham, TE, 1972-7514.     Perry Tuttle, WR, 1978-8115.     Bobby Gage, QB, 1945-4816.     Joe Blalock, WR, 1939-41        17.     Harry Olszewski, OG, 1965-67    18.     Homer Jordan, QB, 1979-8219.     Chris Gardocki, PK/P, 1988-9020.     Jeff Bryant, DT, 1978-8121.     Terry Allen, RB, 1987-8922.     Buddy Gore, RB, 1966-68 23.     Bubba Brown, LB, 1976-7924.     Jeff Bostic, C, 1976-7925.     Joel Wells, RB, 1954-56