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Clemson vs. Wake Forest Postgame Quotes

Oct. 17, 2009

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Clemson Head Coach Dabo SwinneyThoughts on the Win: “Great win today. We are so proud of the team. We ran the same zone plays, but we executed today. These games are about blocking and tackling, and it’s about executing these elements. We executed today on both sides of the ball, and I told the guys that if they execute, then they can win games. If we play like we practice, then we can overwhelm the other team, and that’s what we did today. Overall, a great job by the entire team on this win today.”

Thoughts on the Defense: “The defense was relentless all day and dominated. They played smart and made tackles. When you follow your assignments and play with an aggressive attitude, then plays are made. I’m proud of the effort by the defense from the beginning of the game to the end.”

Thoughts on the Offense: “Overall, the offense played smart, without making many mistakes. The game ball goes to Kyle Parker took his time and made very smart plays, along with Willy Korn. They got it done, and got it done right.”

Wake Forest Head Coach Jim GrobeThoughts on the Game: “I thought they had a good plan for us. They prepared well and gave us some things that were bothersome. There were times where they just had good talented kids that made plays. We played a defense today that not only had a good plan but they have a lot of talent and their kids really played well.”

Opening kickoff: “That was supposed to be a sky kick and he got under it too much. It looked like a surprise onside kick, but it surprised all of us.”

On Clemson needing to get a win and having more time to prepare: “I think they did some good things with their off time. I think they played really well. They played hard and played well. There is never any doubt about their talent level and I was impressed with their talent, and their coaching staff did a nice job scheme-wise. They used the time off wisely. They gave us some things that we didn’t handle well so I was impressed. Good plan by them and they have some really talented kids playing.”

On quarterback Riley Skinner: “I think we will find that there were probably some things that Riley missed, but I think that was a team job offensively. I thought at times we didn’t protect him very well and didn’t have wide receivers get open very well. Again I go back to Clemson’s kids; I just think they played great. I don’t think we are going to get back and watch the film and fill like there is much blame to hand out. I just think we got beat today.”

On playing at Clemson: “Well, we haven’t played well here. We have been in double overtime down here, we fumbled the ball going in one time that would have given us the chance to tie it up. The last two trips down here we have really been worn out. They got us a couple of years ago pretty well, and that was with a pretty good team with (Aaron) Curry and those guys as juniors. This year they got after us pretty decent. I would like to say we haven’t played well, but I have to give them credit. I thought their kids played great.”

Clemson Player QuotesMichael Palmer: “After the loss to Maryland we never lost confidence or listened to the negativity. During practice, we watched film and worked on the small areas we were struggling in. The key to our success today is that we came out and executed the game plan.”

C.J. Spiller: “This is the Clemson team that should have been playing all year. I credit the offensive line for their key blocks in allowing me to get that 66-yard touchdown.”

Brandon Maye: “Our mindset coming into the game was `Be Great’! Coach Steele did a good job of preparing us for this game.”

Ricky Sapp: “We concentrated on pressuring (Riley) Skinner and making him force things that we capitalized on. Our secondary helped us by cutting off Skinner’s options.”