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Clemson vs. South Carolina Post-Game Quotes

Nov. 29, 2008

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Clemson Head Coach Dabo Swinney

Opening Statement: “I’m so proud of these guys today. They executed and played a physical game. I always believe that the physical team always wins games. We came out here and ran with toughness today against our in-state rival.”

On turnover margin: “We capitalized on turnovers in today’s game. Our motto is always `take care of the ball’. I always tell our offense to `keep the ball’ and for our defense to `take the ball’, and that had a major impact on the outcome of the game.”

Performance of Clemson’s offense and defense: “The kids got out there for four quarters and played with mental and physical toughness today. When you can run the football and stop the run, then you can win championships. The offensive line has also done a tremendous job. They have grown as a unit, and worked hard for the team. Our defensive line was also relentless today. They played with an attitude of expectancy to win, and when players have that mental confidence, we win games.”

On bowl eligibility: “We’ve won four of the last five games, and I commend these guys for their leadership and heart during these last few games. We now just have to wait on our fate for a bowl game. I also want to thank our fans for being here with us through the good times and the bad, especially sitting through this nasty weather today.”

South Carolina Head Coach Steve Spurrier

Opening Statement: “Clemson was the better team today. They had the better coaches and players. The team we played today is an ACC Championship team. They thoroughly beat us. They have a great team and are playing better ball at the end of the year than we are.”

On the play of his quarterback: “I planned to play one quarterback the entire game. I was determined to stick with (Chris) Smelley. Stephen (Garcia) had been sick this week. If we need to make another quarterback change, I will. I’m tired of changing quarterbacks in the game. Obviously, the quarterback position is still up in the air. Chris struggled early. Protection wasn’t good, but we got the score to 24-10. Our offense needed to score on that next drive and we didn’t.”

On Clemson’s efficiency today: “Clemson made a bunch of third down plays. Harper played well and made plays. Clemson is a good team.”

On bowl destination: “We will go (to a bowl) wherever they send us. We are 7-5 and it is what it is. We will try our best to represent South Carolina better than we have these past two games.”

Clemson Player Quotes

Quarterback Cullen Harper: “I’m so proud of our seniors, and the rest of the team, because we could have quit six weeks ago, but we didn’t. We just kept fighting and taking it one game at a time. (The offensive line) has been playing really well for us lately. They’ve come together, they’ve been playing together for a few weeks now, they’ve been healthy, and they’ve really been playing great.”

Cornerback Chris Chancellor “Coach motivated us to go out and play hard-nosed Clemson football, and that’s what we did today. We were the more physical team, we came through adversity at the beginning of the year, we pulled it together, and came out with a win today.”

Running Back James Davis “It felt good today. (The crowd’s) been there for me and I just wanted to thank them. These fans showed up in the rain today. I just wanted to thank them for loving me and showing up to watch the game today against the Gamecocks. The offensive line’s been getting really good these last couple of games. Our gameplan was to come in and run the ball. We were able to run the ball successfully. They showed improvement, they were knocking guys off the ball.”

Safety Michael Hamlin “This was football weather. I love playing when it’s rainy and muddy outside. Everything I had is still out there on the field. (Smelley’s) a tough quarterback to read. Everybody stuck to their assignments today, and everybody was disciplined.”

Offensive Guard Thomas Austin “We played hard and we played physical. They’re one of the top defenses in the SEC and I think we dominated them for most of the game. I think it’ll be good as we go into bowl practices to build on that. I think we dominated both the offensive and defensive lines, and I think that’s where the game was won. It’s definitely a big win for us; we’re tired of being called soft as an offensive line.”