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Clemson-Virginia Post-Game Quotes

Sept. 22, 2001

Recap| Box Score| Notes

Tommy Bowden

“That was a quick game. It was a 59-second game. You always hate to be on the losing end, but I think we’re a work in progress. As long as the guys will play as hard as they did tonight, we can eventually [get there].

“The guys played hard the whole game. It’s just tough. There’s still a lot left on the table. We’ve only played three games and we have eight left to go.”

On Clemson’s defensive game- “We had a hard time getting three outs. We did get some late in the game, though which shows good character on the defense as far as playing hard right there at the end. We just couldn’t make the play there at the end. We would have loved to have made it on offense, we could have won in the end on offense, but we couldn’t.”

On Virginia’s rushing yards- “He (Harris) did a good job. They ran the ball well. That’s their run action pass, it’s just what they do, they were just a little more successful in the end.”

On Clemson’s last possession- “We would have liked to have knocked out a first down there, but they know you’re running and you just have limited options. You definitely don’t want to throw it to stop the clock and risk a turnover.”

On Clemson’s offensive turn-around in the second half- “I don’t know if I can put my finger on it. Any time you play a football game, you just have to hunt and peck with the other staff and they develop tendencies during the game as we do also.”