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Apr 24, 2023

What To Watch For: 2023 NFL Draft


WHAT: 88th Annual National Football League Player Selection Meeting

WHERE: Kansas City, Mo.

WHEN: 8 p.m. ET on Thursday, April 27 (Round 1); 7 p.m. ET on Friday, April 28 (Rounds 2-3); Noon ET on Saturday, April 29 (Rounds 4-7)

TIMING: Round 1: 10 minutes per selection. Round 2: Seven minutes per selection. Rounds 3 through 6, including compensatory picks: Five minutes per selection. Round 7, including compensatory picks: Four minutes per selection.

TELEVISION: The 2023 NFL Draft will be televised nationally by NFL Network, ABC, ESPN and ESPN Deportes, and can be heard nationwide on Westwood One Radio, SiriusXM NFL Radio and ESPN Radio.

Click portraits below for bios of Clemson’s draft-eligible players. Click here for pro testing results.


Including his interim head coaching stint in 2008, Dabo Swinney has served as head coach for a total of 71 draft picks from Clemson, the second-most of any college coach — active or inactive — in that span.

(2009 NFL DRAFT)

1) Nick Saban: 113
2) Dabo Swinney: 71
3t) Urban Meyer: 65
3t) Brian Kelly: 65
3t) Jimbo Fisher: 65

(2009 NFL DRAFT)

1) Nick Saban: 113
2) Dabo Swinney: 71
3t) Brian Kelly: 65
3t) Jimbo Fisher: 65
5) Kirk Ferentz: 52

In that time frame, Swinney has produced 15 first-round picks, the second-most among active coaches.

(2009 NFL DRAFT)

1) Nick Saban: 41
2) Dabo Swinney: 15
3t) Kirby Smart: 12
4t) Jimbo Fisher: 10
4t) Brian Kelly: 10


Since embarking on a run of six consecutive College Football Playoff berths starting in 2015, the Tigers have produced 36 NFL Draft picks, sixth-most in the country.


1) Alabama: 65
2) Ohio State: 61
3) LSU: 54
4) Georgia: 50
5) Michigan: 44
6) Florida: 43
7) Clemson: 38
Penn State: 37
9t) Oklahoma: 36
9t) Notre Dame: 36

Clemson has produced 56 NFL Draft picks during its current streak of 12 consecutive 10-win seasons, the seventh-most picks from a single school dating back to the 2011 college football season (2012 NFL Draft).


1) Alabama: 97
2) LSU: 81
3) Ohio State: 79
4) Georgia: 72
5) Florida: 65
6) Oklahoma: 59
7) Clemson: 56
8t) Notre Dame: 55
8t) Michigan: 55
10) Florida State: 53


Clemson has produced at least five selections in three of the last four NFL Drafts, including six selections in 2019, seven selections in 2020 and five selections in 2021. Clemson’s streak of three consecutive drafts with at least five picks from 2019-21 one shy of the longest streak in school history, set from 2014-17.

Only two schools have had at least five draft picks selected in a single draft more times than Clemson (seven) in the last nine years.


1t) Alabama: 9
1t) Ohio State: 9
3t) Clemson: 7
3t) Florida: 7
3t) Georgia: 7
3t) LSU: 7
7) Penn State: 6
8t) Michigan: 5
8t) Stanford: 5
8t) Notre Dame: 5
8t) UCLA: 5


  • Clemson has had at least one first-round draft choice in eight of the last 10 years. Clemson is one of only five schools with at least one first-round pick in at least eight of the last 10 drafts, alongside Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Ohio State.
  • In the 2019, 2020 and 2021 NFL Drafts, Clemson produced multiple first-round picks in three consecutive drafts for the first time in program history. Clemson and Alabama were the only schools to produce multiple first-round picks in each of those three drafts.
  • Since 2013, Clemson has produced first-round picks from the QB, RB, WR, DE, DT, LB and DB position groups. The only other school with at least one first-rounder at all those positions in that span is Alabama.
  • Clemson is one of only seven schools to have produced multiple draft picks in each of the last 20 NFL Drafts (Florida, LSU, Michigan, Oklahoma, Ohio State and USC).
  • Clemson has had at least one player chosen by 29 of the 32 NFL franchises since 2003. The lone exceptions in that time frame are the Patriots, who last selected a Tiger in 1991, and the Panthers and Ravens, who have never selected a Clemson player.
  • Clemson has had at least one player selected in 20 consecutive drafts since 2003, representing the second-longest streak in school history behind a 24-year streak across the 1951-74 NFL Drafts.


Clemson’s single-draft record is 10 selections, set in a 12-round draft in 1983. Clemson’s most in a seven-round draft (and the most under Dabo Swinney) is nine, set in 2016.

Eight members of Clemson’s 2023 draft-eligible class earned invitation to the NFL Scouting Combine as potential draft picks. If all eight were to be selected in the 2023 NFL Draft, it would tie for the fifth-most in a single draft in Clemson history.


1) 1983: 10
2t) 2016: 9
2t) 1984: 9^
2t) 1960: 9*
5) 1991: 8
^Includes 3 selections in NFL Supplemental Draft of USFL Players
*Includes 5 AFL selections (four of whom were also selected in the NFL Draft)


In 2010, the NFL changed the format of the NFL Draft, moving from conducting the first three rounds on a Saturday and the final four rounds on a Sunday to a format that featured Round 1 on Thursday night, Rounds 2-3 on Friday night, and Rounds 4-7 on Saturday. In many years since, prime-time has become Clemson’s time.

Clemson has produced multiple first rounders in the NFL Draft seven times. In 1979, the dynamic quarterback-receiver duo of Steve Fuller and Jerry Butler became the first pair of Clemson teammates to go in the first round of the same draft, as Butler was selected fifth overall by the Buffalo Bills and Fuller went 23rd overall to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Three years later following Clemson’s first national championship, the Tigers produced another first-round duo, as defensive tackle Jeff Bryant was selected sixth overall by the Seattle Seahawks and wide receiver Perry Tuttle earned the 19th overall selection from the Bills.

The other five instances have both come under current Head Coach Dabo Swinney. Clemson’s beloved 2014 defense produced two first rounders in defensive end Vic Beasley (No. 8 to Atlanta) and linebacker Stephone Anthony (No. 31 to New Orleans) in the 2015 NFL Draft. Two years later, the 2016 national champion Tigers placed two offensive stars in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft, sending wide receiver Mike Williams to the then-San Diego Chargers at No. 7 and quarterback Deshaun Watson to the Houston Texans at No. 12.

In 2019, Clemson produced three first-round picks in a single draft for the first time in school history, with Clelin Ferrell (No. 4 to the Raiders), Christian Wilkins (No. 13 to the Dolphins) and Dexter Lawrence (No. 17 to the Giants) all going in the first round from Clemson’s 2018 national championship squad. It marked the first time in NFL Draft history that a single school produced three players selected as defensive linemen in the first round of a single draft.

In 2020, Clemson produced No. 8 overall pick Isaiah Simmons (Arizona Cardinals) and the No. 16 overall pick A.J. Terrell (Atlanta Falcons), giving Clemson multiple first-round picks in back-to-back years for the first time in program history. Clemson pushed that streak to three in 2021 when the Jacksonville Jaguars selected both Trevor Lawrence (No. 1) and Travis Etienne (No. 25) in the first round, making them the first QB/RB duo from a single school ever drafted by the same team in the first round of an NFL Draft in the Common Draft era.


Entering the 2023 NFL Draft, Clemson has had at least one player selected in the NFL Draft in 20 consecutive years. Another selection in 2023 would push the streak to 21, adding to Clemson’s second-longest such streak. Clemson had at least one player selected in the NFL Draft every year across the 1951-74 NFL Drafts, a span of 24 years.


1) 1951-74: 24
2) 2003-22*: 20
3) 1987-99: 13

After having no selections in the 2002 NFL Draft, Clemson’s current streak started when DT (and current Clemson Defensive Tackles Coach) Nick Eason and DE Bryant McNeal were both selected by the Denver Broncos in the fourth round of the 2003 NFL Draft. That also marked the first time in history that two Clemson teammates were selected by the same team in the same round, a feat later accomplished by the Jacksonville Jaguars’ selections of Trevor Lawrence and Travis Etienne in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft.


Clemson has become an NFL pipeline for quality receivers over the last decade.

A 2020 Sports Illustrated analysis confirmed the distinction adding, “How prolific has Clemson been? Eleven of their receivers who entered the league between 2010 and ’19 started at least one game in the NFL. The Tigers are led by DeAndre Hopkins and his three All-Pro nods—only Central Michigan alum Antonio Brown has more. Added up, it’s enough to hold off a Michael Thomas–led Ohio State group, in large part because the Buckeyes didn’t have a single first-round pick in the 2010s.”

Since the 2013 NFL Draft, Clemson and Ohio State are tied for most wide receivers selected in the NFL Draft.


School: No.
1t) Clemson: 11
1t) Ohio State: 11
3t) LSU: 10
3t) Alabama: 10
5) Georgia: 9

Tee Higgins narrowly missed becoming Clemson’s fourth first-round pick at wide receiver in an eight-year span, as he was selected by the Cincinnati Bengals with the first pick of the second round in 2020.

Since the 2013 NFL Draft, NFL teams have selected a total 42 wide receivers in the first rounds. Clemson accounts for roughly seven percent of those selections, as its three first-round receivers (Sammy Watkins, DeAndre Hopkins and Mike Williams) in that span that have combined for 1,507 career NFL receptions for 21,239 yards and 135 touchdowns while signing contracts with total career values exceeding $311 million. That figure excludes salaries for Clemson products who weren’t selected in the first round like Higgins ($10 million) and Pro Bowler Hunter Renfrow ($36 million).


While odds may seemingly be slim with only 32 teams and 259 picks in this year’s draft, Clemson could actually have a pair of teammates drafted by a single team for the seventh time in a nine-year span. A total of 19 NFL Drafts have featured at least one team drafting a pair of Clemson teammates, including the 1946, 1951, 1955, 1959, 1960, 1968, 1970, 1972, 1979, 1983, 1991, 1998, 2003, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020 and 2021 drafts.

In addition, in 1984, the New York Giants selected Jim Scott in the NFL Draft and added James Robinson via the Supplemental Draft for USFL Players. The 1960 AFL Draft also featured both Lou Cordileone and Harold Olson’s selections by the Buffalo Bills.

For three-and-a-half decades, the Giants held the record for the most Clemson players selected in one draft, selecting Terry Kinard, Andy Headen and Frank Magwood in the famed 1983 NFL Draft. In 2019, the Raiders matched that mark, selecting Clelin Ferrell, Trayvon Mullen and Hunter Renfrow in the 2019 NFL Draft.

The Raiders made a little more Clemson teammate history in 2020, selecting Tanner Muse with the No. 100 overall pick and John Simpson with the No. 109 overall pick. The span of nine picks represented the shortest span of picks between one team selecting two Clemson players in school history, passing the 14 picks between the Denver Broncos’ selections of Nick Eason and Bryant McNeal in 2003.

In 2021, the Jacksonville Jaguars made Trevor Lawrence and Travis Etienne the first quarterback/running back duo from a single school ever to be drafted by the same team in the first round of an NFL Draft in the Common Draft era.

The 1991 and 1998 NFL Drafts both featured two sets of Clemson teammates sticking together in the selection meeting. In 1991, Chris Gardocki and Stacy Long were both selected by the Chicago Bears while Dexter Davis and Vince Hammond went to the Phoenix Cardinals. In 1998, the St. Louis Rams selected Raymond Priester and Glenn Rountree and the Miami Dolphins selected Lorenzo Bromell and Jim Bundren.

Eighteen of the NFL’s 32 active franchises have selected Clemson teammates in a single draft. The teams to do so include the Bears (1991), Bills (1960 AFL Draft), Broncos (2003), Browns (1968), Cardinals (1991), Chiefs (1979), Cowboys (1970), Dolphins (1998), Eagles (1955 and 1959), Falcons (2015), Giants (1960, 1983 and 1984, including Supplemental Draft of USFL Players), Jaguars (2021), Packers (1946), Raiders (2019 and 2020), Rams (1998), Steelers (1951 and 1972), Texans (2017) and Vikings (2016).


1946 Green Bay Packers: G Jim Hough & T Frank Saunders
1951 Pittsburgh Steelers: B Ray Mathews & B Dick Hendley
1955 Philadelphia Eagles: G Clyde White & C Wingo Avery
1959 Philadelphia Eagles: T Jack Smith & G Jim Payne
1960 Buffalo Bills^: T Lou Cordileone & T Harold Olson
1960 New York Giants: T Lou Cordileone & FB Doug Cline
1968 Cleveland Browns: G Harry Olszewski & RB Jackie Jackson
1970 Dallas Cowboys: DB Charlie Waters & T Ivan Southerland
1972 Pittsburgh Steelers: TE John McMakin & DB Don Kelley
1979 Kansas City Chiefs: QB Steve Fuller & WR Stan Rome
1983 New York Giants: FS Terry Kinard, LB Andy Headen & WR Frank Magwood
1984 New York Giants: DT James Robinson* & DE Jim Scott
1991 Chicago Bears: P/PK Chris Gardocki & T Stacy Long
1991 Phoenix Cardinals: CB Dexter Davis & DT Vance Hammond
1998 Miami Dolphins: DT Lorenzo Bromell & T Jim Bundren
1998 St. Louis Rams: RB Raymond Priester & G Glenn Rountree
2003 Denver Broncos: DT Nick Eason & DE Bryant McNeal
2015 Atlanta Falcons: DE Vic Beasley & DT Grady Jarrett
2016 Minnesota Vikings: CB Mackensie Alexander & S Jayron Kearse
2017 Houston Texans: QB Deshaun Watson & DT Carlos Watkins
2019 Oakland Raiders: DE Clelin Ferrell, CB Trayvon Mullen & WR Hunter Renfrow
2020 Las Vegas Raiders: S Tanner Muse & G John Simpson
2021 Jacksonville Jaguars: QB Trevor Lawrence & RB Travis Etienne

^ AFL Draft
* Supplemental Draft of USFL players


Mock drafts might not mean much, but don’t tell that to the mother of projected first-round pick Myles Murphy.

“I’m from Atlanta, and there was a mock draft that my mom saw and she got excited it said I was mocked at eight to Atlanta and I might stay home,” Murphy said.

Of the eight Clemson players invited to the NFL Scouting Combine, six hail from a state with at least one NFL team and could be awaiting a potential homecoming:

Georgia (Falcons): TE Davis Allen, DE Myles Murphy
North Carolina (Panthers): DE K.J. Henry, LB Trenton Simpson
Maryland (Ravens & Commanders): DT Bryan Bresee
California (49ers, Rams & Chargers): WR Joseph Ngata

Clemson’s other two combine participants also have potential geographic ties to an NFL team. Offensive lineman Jordan McFadden hails from Spartanburg, S.C., home to the site of the Carolina Panthers’ training camp at Wofford College, while placekicker B.T. Potter is from Rock Hill, S.C., a Charlotte suburb where the Panthers had planned until recently to build a new team headquarters.

Since the institution of the Common Draft in 1967, Clemson has had eight players selected by NFL teams from the players’ home states.


1994: T Andre Hewitt (Dayton, Ohio — Cleveland Browns)
1995: LB Wardell Rouse (Clewiston, Fla. — Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
2009: S Chris Clemons (Arcadia, Fla. — Miami Dolphins)
2012: CB Coty Sensabaugh (Kingsport, Tenn. — Tennessee Titans)
2015: DE Vic Beasley (Adairsville, Ga — Atlanta Falcons)
2015: DT Grady Jarrett (Conyers, Ga. — Atlanta Falcons)
2020: CB A.J. Terrell (Atlanta, Ga. — Atlanta Falcons)
2021: T Jackson Carman (Fairfield, Ohio — Cincinnati Bengals)


Clemson has had at least one player selected by 30 of the 32 active NFL franchises.

The Baltimore Ravens have never selected a player from Clemson since arriving in Charm City in 1996. The city has been host to nine Clemson draft picks though, including one by the AAFC’s Baltimore Colts and eight by the NFL’s Baltimore Colts before the franchise’s relocation to Indianapolis.

The other team without a Clemson draft pick to its historical ledger is the Carolina Panthers, a franchise whose very roots trace back to Death Valley. The franchise that is now housed less than 150 miles from Clemson’s campus has never selected a Clemson Tiger despite playing all of their home games in their inaugural 1995 campaign at Memorial Stadium.


FranchiseDraftMost Recent Clemson Player(s) Selected
49ers2015P Bradley Pinion
Bears2005WR Airese Currie
Bengals2023DE Myles Murphy
Bills2022LB Baylon Spector
Broncos2003DT Nick Eason & DE Bryant McNeal
Browns2009RB James Davis
Buccaneers2011DE Da’Quan Bowers
Cardinals2020LB Isaiah Simmons
Chargers2023OL Jordan McFadden
Chiefs2021WR Cornell Powell
Colts2018WR Deon Cain
Commanders2023DE K.J. Henry
Cowboys2009S Michael Hamlin
Dolphins2019DT Christian Wilkins
Eagles2020S K'Von Wallace
Falcons2020CB A.J. Terrell
Giants2019DT Dexter Lawrence
Jaguars2021QB Trevor Lawrence & RB Travis Etienne
Jets2017TE Jordan Leggett
Lions2019DE Austin Bryant
Packers2021WR Amari Rodgers
Patriots1991CB Jerome Henderson
Raiders2020S Tanner Muse & OL John Simpson
Rams2023TE Davis Allen
Ravens2023LB Trenton Simpson
Saints2023DT Bryan Bresee
Seahawks2016RB Zac Brooks
Steelers2014WR Martavis Bryant
Texans2017QB Deshaun Watson & DT Carlos Watkins
Titans2016DE Kevin Dodd
Vikings2022CB Andrew Booth Jr.


The 2021 NFL Draft was historic for Clemson, as it produced the program’s first No. 1 overall draft pick in history when the Jacksonville Jaguars selected quarterback Trevor Lawrence. Lawrence was the third player in Clemson Athletics history to be selected No. 1 in the professional ranks of a Tiger’s respective sport, a group that has since been joined by Hamady Diop of Clemson’s men’s soccer program in 2023.

Lawrence earned his first Pro Bowl appearance in 2022, leading the Jaguars to their first playoff berth since 2017 and only their fourth division title since the team’s inception in 1995.

Included below are Clemson’s highest draft picks in program history and department history.


20211QBTrevor LawrenceJacksonville Jaguars
20194DEClelin FerrellOakland Raiders
20144WRSammy WatkinsBuffalo Bills
20074DEGaines AdamsTampa Bay Buccaneers
19404BBanks McFaddenBrooklyn Dodgers
19795WRJerry ButlerBuffalo Bills
19826DTJeff BryantSeattle Seahawks
19496BBobby GagePittsburgh Steelers
20177WRMike WilliamsSan Diego Chargers
20208LBIsaiah SimmonsArizona Cardinals
20158DEVic BeasleyAtlanta Falcons
20109RBC.J. SpillerBuffalo Bills
198310FSTerry KinardNew York Giants


YearNameSportTeamPick No.
2024Valerie CagleSoftballAthletes Unlimited1
2023Hamady DiopMen's SoccerCharlotte FC1
2021Trevor LawrenceFootballJacksonville Jaguars1
2020Robbie RobinsonMen’s SoccerInter Miami1
1996Kris BensonBaseballPittsburgh Pirates1
2021Philip MayakaMen's SoccerColorado Rapids3
2001Mark LisiMen’s SoccerD.C. United3
2021Kimarni SmithMen's SoccerD.C. United4
2019Clelin FerrellFootballOakland Raiders4
2019Sam StaabWomen’s SoccerWashington Spirit4
2014Sammy WatkinsFootballBuffalo Bills4
2007Gaines AdamsFootballTampa Bay Buccaneers4
2007Daniel MoskosBaseballPittsburgh Pirates4
1996Billy KochBaseballToronto Blue Jays4
1940Banks McFaddenFootballBrooklyn Dodgers4
1979Jerry ButlerFootballBuffalo Bills5
2024Hal HershfeltWomen's SoccerWashington Spirit5
1982Jeff BryantFootballSeattle Seahawks6
1949Bobby GageFootballPittsburgh Steelers6
2003Deliah ArringtonWomen’s SoccerPhiladelphia Charge6
1994Sharone WrightMen’s BasketballPhiladelphia 76ers6


  • Lawrence surpassed Banks McFadden (No. 4 in 1939), Gaines Adams (No. 4 in 2007), Sammy Watkins (No 4 in 2014) and Clelin Ferrell (No. 4 in 2019) as highest NFL Draft selection from Clemson all-time.
  • Lawrence became the third No. 1 overall pick in Clemson Athletics history, joining baseball’s Kris Benson (1996) and men’s soccer’s Robbie Robinson (2020).
  • Lawrence the sixth top-five pick in Clemson Football history and the 14th top-five pick in Clemson Athletics history. Including top-five selections Philip Mayaka and Kimarni Smith in the MLS SuperDraft earlier this year, 2021 marked the fourth year in school history in which Clemson has had multiple top-five picks across all sports, joining 1996 (baseball’s Kris Benson and Billy Koch), 2007 (football’s Gaines Adams and baseball’s Daniel Moskos) and 2019 (football’s Clelin Ferrell and women’s soccer’s Sam Staab). 2021 marked Clemson Athletics’ first year with three top-five picks across all sports.
  • Lawrence joined Florida State’s Jameis Winston (2015), NC State’s Mario Williams (2006), Virginia Tech’s Michael Vick (1999) and Bruce Smith (1985), Miami’s Russell Maryland (1991) and Vinny Testaverde (1987), Syracuse’s Ernie Davis (1962) and Virginia’s Bill Dudley (1942) as the only No. 1 overall picks from current ACC programs. Of the previous selections, only Winston and Williams competed as members of the ACC.
  • Lawrence, along with 2019 No. 4 overall pick Clelin Ferrell and 2020 No. 8 overall pick Isaiah Simmons, gave Clemson three consecutive drafts with a Top 10 selection for the first time in Clemson history.
  • Lawrence gave the NFL have back-to-back No. 1 overall picks with a national championship to their credit for the first time since the 1991 NFL Draft (Miami DT Russell Maryland) and 1992 NFL Draft (Washington DE Steve Emtman). Lawrence won a national championship during the 2018 season, and last year’s No. 1 overall pick, Joe Burrow, won a national championship during the 2019 season.


Few NFL franchises have been as nomadic as the Cardinals, who have laid claim to four different municipalities in three different metro areas since their inception in 1920. Clemson has had at least one player selected by every iteration of the Cardinals, including four by the Chicago Cardinals, seven by the St. Louis Cardinals, two by the Phoenix Cardinals and two by the Arizona Cardinals, including linebacker Isaiah Simmons in 2020.

The Cardinals’ 15 selections from Clemson are the third-most by any single franchise all-time, trailing the New York Giants (18, plus a supplemental selection from the USFL in 1984) and Pittsburgh Steelers (17). The Bills (13) rank fourth, while four franchises (49ers, Bears, Colts and Rams) are tied for fifth with 12 Clemson selections each all-time.


Clemson has produced a total of 284 professional draft selections by major American leagues, including the NFL Draft, NFL Supplemental Draft, NFL Supplemental Draft of USFL Players, AFL Draft and AFL Redshirt Draft. The list includes 270 players, as 14 were selected multiple times and/or in multiple leagues prior to the Common Draft era (since 1967).

1939NFLBDon WillisNew York Giants540
1939NFLEGus GoinsChicago Cardinals16142
1940NFLBBanks McFaddenBrooklyn Dodgers14
1940NFLGJoe PayneNew York Giants13120
1940NFLBShad BryantChicago Cardinals18161
1942NFLEJoe BlalockDetroit Lions535
1942NFLBCharlie TimmonsWashington Redskins19176
1943NFLBMarion ButlerChicago Bears20189
1945NFLBBilly PoeChicago Bears1093
1946NFLGMarion WoodsPittsburgh Steelers643
1946NFLGJim HoughGreen Bay Packers15136
1946NFLTFrank SaundersGreen Bay Packers29276
1947NFLE/DBBill ChipleyBoston Yanks857
1947NFLCRalph JenkinsPittsburgh Steelers16138
1947NFLGTom SalisburyNew York Giants27246
1949NFLBBobby GagePittsburgh Steelers16
1949AAFCBBobby GageBaltimore Colts (AAFC)214
1949NFLGFrank GillespiePhiladelphia Eagles771
1951NFLBFred ConeGreen Bay Packers327
1951NFLBRay MathewsPittsburgh Steelers781
1951NFLLBWyndie WyndhamBoston Yanks11131
1951NFLEBob HudsonNew York Giants12146
1951NFLBDick HendleyPittsburgh Steelers22262
1951NFLBJackie CalvertLos Angeles Rams25300
1952NFLTBob PattonNew York Giants559
1952NFLBBilly HairGreen Bay Packers13148
1953NFLGTom BartonPittsburgh Steelers666
1953NFLEDreher GaskinsDetroit Lions10121
1953NFLBJim ShirleyChicago Bears18209
1953NFLTEarl WrightenberryChicago Cardinals29340
1954NFLTNathan GressettePhiladelphia Eagles24285
1955NFLGClyde WhitePhiladelphia Eagles16190
1955NFLBBuck GeorgeWashington Redskins21244
1955NFLCWingo AveryPhiladelphia Eagles28334
1956NFLTB.C. InabinetBaltimore Colts443
1956NFLTDick MarazzaDetroit Lions22254
1956NFLBBilly O’DellPittsburgh Steelers25292
1957NFLBJoel WellsGreen Bay Packers218
1957NFLTBill HudsonChicago Cardinals334
1958NFLCBill ThomasLos Angeles Rams17200
1958NFLCJim PadgettPhiladelphia Eagles24280
1959NFLTJack SmithPhiladelphia Eagles14158
1959NFLBMike DukesSan Francisco 49ers14162
1959NFLTMorris KellerBaltimore Colts16192
1959NFLGJim PaynePhiladelphia Eagles20230
1959NFLBRudy HayesPittsburgh Steelers20235
1960NFLTLou CordileoneNew York Giants112
1960AFLTLou CordileoneBuffalo Bills1*-
1960NFLTHarold OlsonSt. Louis Cardinals213
1960AFLTHarold OlsonBuffalo Bills1*-
1960AFLQBHarvey WhiteNew England Patriots1*-
1960NFLHBBill MathisSan Francisco 49ers888
1960AFLHBBill MathisDenver Broncos1*-
1960NFLFBDoug ClineNew York Giants14168
1960AFLFBDoug ClineHouston Oilers1*-
1961NFLQBLowndes ShinglerDallas Cowboys12156
1961AFLQBLowndes ShinglerOakland Raiders9-
1961NFLTRon OsborneBaltimore Colts563
1961NFLTJimmy KingSt. Louis Cardinals10134
1961AFLTJimmy KingHouston Oilers14-
1962NFLEGary BarnesGreen Bay Packers341
1962AFLEGary BarnesNew York Titans969
1962AFLTRon OsborneHouston Oilers29231
1963NFLTDon ChuyLos Angeles Rams567
1963AFLTDon ChuyHouston Oilers538
1964NFLHBPat CrainChicago Bears223
1964NFLEBob PooleSan Francisco 49ers8102
1964AFLHBPat CrainHouston Oilers15118
1964NFLEJohnny CaseBaltimore Colts14190
1965AFL RSTJohn BoyetteBuffalo Bills5-
1965NFLTJohn BoyetteCleveland Browns17237
1966AFL RSLBRandy SmithNew York Jets7-
1966AFL RSDEWayne PageSan Diego Chargers9-
1966NFLTRicky JohnsonSt. Louis Cardinals12177
1966NFLDEWayne PageChicago Bears12182
1966NFL Supp.LBRandy SmithAtlanta Falcons7-
1967NFLTFloyd RogersCleveland Browns14360
1968NFLGHarry OlszewskiCleveland Browns364
1968NFLTWayne MassChicago Bears499
1968NFLRBJackie JacksonCleveland Browns5134
1968NFLDBFrank LiberatoreWashington Redskins9230
1969NFLCWayne MulliganSt. Louis Cardinals8201
1969NFLLBJohn CagleNew England Patriots14344
1970NFLDBCharlie WatersDallas Cowboys366
1970NFLTIvan SoutherlandDallas Cowboys11283
1970NFLGJack KingSan Francisco 49ers14347
1971NFLGDave ThompsonDetroit Lions230
1972NFLTEJohn McMakinPittsburgh Steelers363
1972NFLDBDon KelleyPittsburgh Steelers9217
1972NFLLBLarry HefnerGreen Bay Packers14346
1973NFLCRick HarrellNew York Jets6155
1973NFLPKEd SeiglerChicago Bears11266
1974NFLRBJay WashingtonKansas City Chiefs6131
1976NFLTEBennie CunninghamPittsburgh Steelers128
1976NFLRBDon TestermanMiami Dolphins10282
1976NFLWRCraig BrantleyNew York Giants11303
1976NFLTGary AlexanderBaltimore Colts15424
1978NFLDTArchie ReeseSan Francisco 49ers5127
1978NFLDBRoy EppesNew York Jets8213
1978NFLTLacy BrumleyDenver Broncos11305
1979NFLWRJerry ButlerBuffalo Bills15
1979NFLQBSteve FullerKansas City Chiefs123
1979NFLTJoe BosticSt. Louis Cardinals364
1979NFLLBJonathan BrooksDetroit Lions492
1979NFLWRDwight ClarkSan Francisco 49ers10249
1979NFLWRStan RomeKansas City Chiefs11277
1980NFLDTJim StuckeySan Francisco 49ers120
1980NFLRBLester BrownDallas Cowboys7189
1980NFLFBMarvin SimsBaltimore Colts12324
1981NFLDTSteve DurhamSeattle Seahawks6140
1981NFLPKObed AririBaltimore Colts7178
1982NFLDTJeff BryantSeattle Seahawks16
1982NFLWRPerry TuttleBuffalo Bills119
1982NFLLBJeff DavisTampa Bay Buccaneers5128
1982NFLDBHollis HallSan Diego Chargers7188
1982NFLCTony BerryhillBaltimore Colts9225
1982NFLGBrian ClarkDenver Broncos12327
1983NFLFSTerry KinardNew York Giants110
1983NFLRBCliff AustinNew Orleans Saints366
1983NFLLBJohnny RembertNew England Patriots4101
1983NFLRBChuck McSwainDallas Cowboys5135
1983NFLFBJeff McCallLos Angeles Raiders7194
1983NFLLBAndy HeadenNew York Giants8205
1983NFLLBDanny TriplettLos Angeles Rams11282
1983NFLGBob MayberrySeattle Seahawks11290
1983NFLGBrian ButcherMinnesota Vikings11298
1983NFLWRFrank MagwoodNew York Giants12318
1984NFLDBRod McSwainAtlanta Falcons363
1984NFLDEJim ScottNew York Giants6143
1984NFLPKBob PaullingSt. Louis Cardinals8213
1984NFLLBEdgar PickettMinnesota Vikings11295
1984NFLDTWilliam DevaneMiami Dolphins12320
1984NFLWRMurray JarmanDenver Broncos12326
1984NFL USFL Supp.FBKevin MackCleveland Browns111
1984NFL USFL Supp.DTJames RobinsonNew York Giants231
1984NFLGJames FarrLos Angeles Raiders384
1985NFLDTWilliam PerryChicago Bears122
1985NFLCBTy DavisNew York Giants358
1985NFLPDale HatcherLos Angeles Rams377
1985NFLTEK.D. DunnSt. Louis Cardinals5116
1985NFLCBReggie PleasantAtlanta Falcons6152
1985NFLPKDonald IgwebuikeTampa Bay Buccaneers10260
1987NFLRBTerrence FlaglerSan Francisco 49ers125
1987NFLRBKenny FlowersAtlanta Falcons231
1987NFLCBDelton HallPittsburgh Steelers238
1987NFLTEJim RiggsCincinnati Bengals4103
1988NFLDTMichael Dean PerryCleveland Browns250
1988NFLDTTony StephensNew Orleans Saints381
1988NFLLBJames EarlePittsburgh Steelers12322
1989NFLCBDonnell WoolfordChicago Bears111
1989NFLDTRichard McCulloughDenver Broncos497
1989NFLWRKeith JenningsDallas Cowboys5113
1989NFLOTTy GrangerTampa Bay Buccaneers10257
1989NFLFBTracy JohnsonHouston Oilers10271
1990NFLRBTerry AllenMinnesota Vikings9241
1990NFLWRGary CooperNew Orleans Saints10260
1990NFLDTOtis MooreNew York Giants10274
1991NFLCBJerome HendersonNew England Patriots241
1991NFLWRDoug ThomasSeattle Seahawks251
1991NFLLBJohn JohnsonSan Francisco 49ers253
1991NFLP/PKChris GardockiChicago Bears378
1991NFLCBDexter DavisPhoenix Cardinals486
1991NFLDTVance HammondPhoenix Cardinals5117
1991NFLGEric HarmonPhiladelphia Eagles10271
1991NFLTStacy LongChicago Bears11301
1992NFLDTChester McGlocktonLos Angeles Raiders116
1992NFLLBLevon KirklandPittsburgh Steelers238
1992NFLCCurtis WhitleySan Diego Chargers5117
1992NFLLBEd McDanielMinnesota Vikings5125
1993NFLLBWayne SimmonsGreen Bay Packers115
1993NFLCBJames TrappLos Angeles Raiders372
1993NFLFBRudy HarrisTampa Bay Buccaneers491
1993NFLLBAshley SheppardMinnesota Vikings4106
1993NFLFSRobert O’NealMiami Dolphins6164
1994NFLDTBrentson BucknerPittsburgh Steelers250
1994NFLTAndre HewittCleveland Browns7203
1995NFLLBWardell RouseTampa Bay Buccaneers6179
1996NFLLBPatrick SappSan Diego Chargers250
1996NFLSSBrian DawkinsPhiladelphia Eagles261
1996NFLFSLeomont EvansWashington Redskins5138
1997NFLDETrevor PryceDenver Broncos128
1997NFLCBDexter McCleonSt. Louis Rams240
1998NFLLBAnthony SimmonsSeattle Seahawks115
1998NFLDTLorenzo BromellMiami Dolphins4102
1998NFLRBRaymond PriesterSt. Louis Rams5129
1998NFLGGlenn RountreeSt. Louis Rams6159
1998NFLTJim BundrenMiami Dolphins7210
1999NFLCBAntwan EdwardsGreen Bay Packers125
1999NFLLBRahim AbdullahCleveland Browns245
1999NFLDEAdrian DingleSan Diego Chargers5139
1999NFLLBChris JonesMinnesota Vikings5169
1999NFLLBO.J. ChildressNew York Giants7231
1999NFLDTDonald BroomfieldCincinnati Bengals7249
2001NFLWRRod GardnerWashington Redskins115
2001NFLLBKeith AdamsTennessee Titans7232
2001NFLFSRobert CarswellSan Diego Chargers7244
2003NFLDTNick EasonDenver Broncos4114
2003NFLDEBryant McNealDenver Broncos4128
2004NFLDTDonnell WashingtonGreen Bay Packers372
2004NFLWRDerrick HamiltonSan Francisco 49ers377
2005NFLCBJustin MillerNew York Jets257
2005NFLLBLeroy HillSeattle Seahawks398
2005NFLWRAirese CurrieChicago Bears5140
2006NFLCBTye HillSt. Louis Rams115
2006NFLQBCharlie WhitehurstSan Diego Chargers381
2006NFLDECharles BennettTampa Bay Buccaneers7241
2007NFLDEGaines AdamsTampa Bay Buccaneers14
2007NFLLBAnthony WatersSan Diego Chargers396
2007NFLCDustin FrySt. Louis Rams5139
2007NFLDBC.J. GaddisPhiladelphia Eagles5159
2007NFLWRChansi StuckeyNew York Jets7235
2008NFLDEPhillip MerlingMiami Dolphins232
2008NFLTBarry RichardsonKansas City Chiefs6170
2009NFLDTDorell ScottSt. Louis Rams4103
2009NFLSChris ClemonsMiami Dolphins5165
2009NFLSMichael HamlinDallas Cowboys5166
2009NFLRBJames DavisCleveland Browns6195
2010NFLRBC.J. SpillerBuffalo Bills19
2010NFLWRJacoby FordOakland Raiders4108
2010NFLDERicky SappPhiladelphia Eagles5134
2010NFLDBCrezdon ButlerPittsburgh Steelers5164
2010NFLLBKavell ConnerIndianapolis Colts7240
2011NFLDTJarvis JenkinsWashington Redskins241
2011NFLCBMarcus GilchristSan Diego Chargers250
2011NFLDEDa’Quan BowersTampa Bay Buccaneers251
2011NFLTChris HairstonBuffalo Bills4122
2011NFLRBJamie HarperTennessee Titans4130
2011NFLCBByron MaxwellSeattle Seahawks6173
2012NFLDEAndre BranchJacksonville Jaguars238
2012NFLTEDwayne AllenIndianapolis Colts364
2012NFLDTBrandon ThompsonCincinnati Bengals393
2012NFLCBCoty SensabaughTennessee Titans4115
2013NFLWRDeAndre HopkinsHouston Texans127
2013NFLDEMalliciah GoodmanAtlanta Falcons4127
2013NFLSJonathan MeeksBuffalo Bills5143
2013NFLRBAndre EllingtonArizona Cardinals6187
2014NFLWRSammy WatkinsBuffalo Bills14
2014NFLTBrandon ThomasSan Francisco 49ers3100
2014NFLCBBashaud BreelandWashington Redskins4102
2014NFLWRMartavis BryantPittsburgh Steelers4118
2014NFLQBTajh BoydNew York Jets6213
2015NFLDEVic BeasleyAtlanta Falcons18
2015NFLLBStephone AnthonyNew Orleans Saints131
2015NFLDTGrady JarrettAtlanta Falcons5137
2015NFLPBradley PinionSan Francisco 49ers5165
2015NFLLBTony StewardBuffalo Bills6188
2015NFL SupplementalOTIsaiah BattleSt. Louis Rams5
2016NFLDEShaq LawsonBuffalo Bills119
2016NFLDEKevin DoddTennessee Titans233
2016NFLCBMackensie AlexanderMinnesota Vikings254
2016NFLST.J. GreenIndianapolis Colts257
2016NFLLBB.J. GoodsonNew York Giants4109
2016NFLDTD.J. ReaderHouston Texans5166
2016NFLWRCharone PeakeNew York Jets7241
2016NFLSJayron KearseMinnesota Vikings7244
2016NFLRBZac BrooksSeattle Seahawks7247
2017NFLWRMike WilliamsSan Diego Chargers17
2017NFLQBDeshaun WatsonHouston Texans112
2017NFLCBCordrea TankersleyMiami Dolphins397
2017NFLRBWayne GallmanNew York Giants4140
2017NFLDTCarlos WatkinsHouston Texans4142
2017NFLTEJordan LeggettNew York Jets5150
2018NFLLBDorian O’DanielKansas City Chiefs3100
2018NFLWRDeon CainIndianapolis Colts6185
2018NFLWRRay-Ray McCloudBuffalo Bills6187
2019NFLDEClelin FerrellOakland Raiders14
2019NFLDTChristian WilkinsMiami Dolphins113
2019NFLDTDexter LawrenceNew York Giants117
2019NFLCBTrayvon MullenOakland Raiders240
2019NFLDEAustin BryantDetroit Lions4117
2019NFLWRHunter RenfrowOakland Raiders5149
2020NFLLBIsaiah SimmonsArizona Cardinals18
2020NFLCBA.J. TerrellAtlanta Falcons116
2020NFLWRTee HigginsCincinnati Bengals233
2020NFLSTanner MuseLas Vegas Raiders3100
2020NFLGJohn SimpsonLas Vegas Raiders4109
2020NFLSK'Von WallacePhiladelphia Eagles4127
2020NFLTTremayne AnchrumLos Angeles Rams7250
2021NFLQBTrevor LawrenceJacksonville Jaguars11
2021NFLRBTravis EtienneJacksonville Jaguars125
2021NFLOLJackson CarmanCincinnati Bengals246
2021NFLWRAmari RodgersGreen Bay Packers385
2021NFLWRCornell PowellKansas City Chiefs5181
2022NFLCBAndrew Booth Jr.Minnesota Vikings242
2022NFLLBBaylon SpectorBuffalo Bills7231
2023NFLDEMyles MurphyCincinnati Bengals128
2023NFLDTBryan BreseeNew Orleans Saints129
2023NFLLBTrenton SimpsonBaltimore Ravens386
2023NFLDEK.J. HenryWashington Commanders5137
2023NFLOLJordan McFaddenLos Angeles Chargers5156
2023NFLTEDavis AllenLos Angeles Rams5175