West End Zone Tops Out

West End Zone Tops Out

Aug. 10, 2005

Manhattan Construction Co. is preparing to celebrate a key milestone on the Clemson University Memorial Stadium West End Zone construction project. On Thursday, August 11, 2005, the construction company will celebrate the “topping out” of the project, recognizing a significant milestone of the construction superstructure. The tradition of “topping out” refers to the placing of the last, uppermost piece of structural steel, recognizing all of the construction workers’ accomplishments. In keeping with the construction tradition, Manhattan Construction Co. will erect an evergreen on top of the structure as well as a large American flag.

Manhattan Construction Co.’s Project Manager, Chris Bowen said, “Twenty-three weeks ago, we started construction of the Memorial Stadium West End Zone project. I commend the hard work and determination of the architecture firm, Heery International, Inc., our subcontractors, suppliers and own personnel for completing the superstructure of this project. They not only over came the project’s inherent constructablity and scheduling challenges, but they did it seven weeks ahead of our already aggressive schedule. Clemson University and Clemson fans alike can appreciate all of our hard work during the season opener against Texas A & M on September 3rd.”

The “topping out” event will include a barbeque lunch celebration. Each project team member will be provided a shirt with custom graphics commemorating the 200,000 work hours logged to date on the construction of Clemson’s West End Zone project.

The West End Zone project ties together three separate structures, the south stands, north stands and west end zone stands. The construction includes 12,500 cubic yards of concrete. If this amount of concrete were to be poured on the entire Memorial Stadium football playing field, it would be seven feet thick. The project includes 1,300 tons of reinforcing steel. This amount of steel is equal to the weight of 377 Hummer H2 SUV’s. If they were parked end to end and door handle to door handle on the playing field, it would be completely filled with 14 Hummers to spare.