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Tuesday Press Conference Audio

Tuesday Press Conference Audio

Tommy Bowden Press Conference Media Player Event Date AudioDownload the Free Real Player.Tuesday Press Conference 10/30/01 Tommy Bowden (34:24)Download the Free Real Player.Tuesday Press Conference 10/30/01 Woodrow Dantzler Downloadthe Free Real Player.Tuesday Press Conference 10/30/01 Kyle Young Download theFree RealPlayer. Tuesday Press Conference 10/30/01 John LeakeDownload the Free Real Player.Tuesday Press Conference 10/30/01 Will Merritt

Tommy Bowden Quotes – 10/30/01

Father vs. son “The preparation doesn’t change as far as the amount of time spent in meetings and on the field. As far as the father-son thing, after the first one, some of the shine and glamour is gone. Now it is more about preparation for a well-coached, talented team. That’s more of the focus. Now the novelty is his hat. “

Florida State’s two losses “Florida State has had a couple of scenarios that they have never had to deal with before. They started the year with an an inexperienced quarterback, they have had season-ending injuries, similar to what we’ve had, and the abundance of turnovers with an inexperienced quarterback.. At halftime of the Miami game, Miami had five first downs and nine yards rushing. There were some turnovers by Florida State and that made the difference.

Key to the game “I would say turnovers are going are going to be a key factor. We’ve got to keep the ball some, convert some third downs and move it. We have to stay out of long yardage situations. Things that you normally have to do against a very good team, we’re going to have to do. There are a lot of teams out there that are equal to us, so we have to do that every week.

Beating Bobby Bowden “Only being a head coach for five years, you’re looking to get some respect in the profession. He’s one of the top coaches around. If you ever beat a Florida State team you’ve defeated a highly talented, well-coached, well-motivated team. It usually takes good preparation, great effort by your players, no turnovers and things like that. It wouldn’t be father beating son or son beating father, it would be respect for this program, Clemson, and it’s another step we have to take.

Players attitudes “The players, their attention span, is pretty good during this week. It’s not one you really have to motivate them for.

Last year “Anytime you lose on TV badly, it’s embarrassing. I can’t think of any head coach, Paterno, Osborne, LaVell Edwards, my father, that it hasn’t happened to. They were embarrassed, and I get embarrassed. You can either quit the profession or choose to move on.

Florida State offense “They’re going to run the ball and they’re going to throw deep. They could go deep on first, second or third down. Their lines are very big, their backs are talented and their receivers are talented. Talman Gardner is one we recruited at Tulane. He was a first team Parade All-American, had been there three or four years and hadn’t played. He’s just now coming into his own. They have a couple go down, and the one that goes in there is player of the week last week.

South Carolina Seminoles “Chris Hope, he’s as good a safety as we’ve seen. He’s as good a safety as we’ll face if not the best. , Brad and I had Michael Boulware convinced he could play wideout, he wanted to play wideout. They were going to play him at wideout, and now he’s caught two passes for interceptions as a linebacker. He’s a good player. We would have loved to have him and Chris Hope and Greg Jones and all the other ones that have been going down there.

Defending recruiting turf “I think it gave us some credibility in the Southeast when we signed Crosby and Currie last year. Just the perception, really helped us from a recruiting standpoint. That probably was one of the factors in the administration making a commitment to improve the facilities by saying, ‘If these guys can close the gap without them, just think about what we can do when we start construction and complete the project.’ Signing those guys last year and beating Florida State head-to-head in this state was something that hadn’t been done by us in a while and was very instrumental from a national image standpoint. I think we’ve really reaped some benefits here with the commitment the administration has made from a facilities standpoint.”