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Tuesday Press Conference Audio

Tuesday Press Conference Audio

Oct. 23, 2001

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Responding to Loss “There’s a lot of teams having the same type of discussions we were. High school, college and pro teams are having those discussions about reacting after a loss. Just because you’re mad and have pride doesn’t mean you’re going to win the next game unless you do something productive as far as practice and eliminating mistakes. They’re having the same discussion in Eugene, OR and Fresno, CA. The teams that survive and go on are the teams that respond.”

Dropped Balls by receivers “I think in the time I’ve been here we’ve never had that many. We’ve also never had three freshmen on the field either. I look at it more as youth and inexperience. Derrick Hamilton hasn’t dropped many balls as a freshman and he had a bad game. I think any time you have young guys rather than experienced guys you have to weather the storm. We’re not going to bench a freshman for dropping a ball. Several performances like that in a row and then you have to do something to get their attention. “

Forcing Turnovers “As a coach, the number one thing you want is effort and I can’t fault the effort. Right now, we’re 104th in the nation in turnover margin. We didn’t put the ball on the ground or throw an interception into coverage against North Carolina. But they (Julius Peppers) tipped a ball, it went straight up and the guy didn’t have to go anywhere. I think if you play hard those things will eventually come in line. You don’t sit there and wait for breaks, you go make them happen by playing hard. I think Bear Bryant said it’s better to be lucky than good and there’s some luck involved with football. We’re 4-2 right now and we haven’t gotten any. “

Wake Forest Head Coach Jim Grobe “I wish he would go back to the Midwest where he’s from because he’s done a really good job. The games they’re losing, they’re losing close. To me that’s a sign of a well-coached team, they are in every game. The new coaches in this conference have all done an excellent job. I hate it. I like it when they hire bad guys and they do a poor job. It’s good for the conference, it’s bad for employment and the rest of us.”

Wake Forest’s style “Their [offensive] scheme is really good, running the ball is very important to them. Defensively, they take away the run and make you throw it. I think the difference this year that is helping them on defense is their offense has got a run-option type and they’re keeping the ball, accumulating rushing yardage, which runs the clock and keeps some guys off the field.”

Wake Forest receiver John Stone’s speed “If you’re in man coverage you better be careful. He’s been there for a couple of years and we’ve played against him a couple of times so we’ll be familiar with it and hopefully play according to his speed. But we are aware of it like Peppers an Simms last week.