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Tommy Bowden Press Conference Quotes

Tommy Bowden Press Conference Quotes

Oct. 23, 2007

On red zone offense: “I think we’re second in the conference in red zone offense, so I’m pretty happy. Our concern more so in the off-season was to complete downfield passes. If we do that on the 20-yard line, we’re going to score. So that will take care of red zone scoring. That was one of our primary goals. Red zone scoring was also, but if you’re completing passes, than that helps red zone scoring.”

Against Maryland last year: “We had poor execution on our part last year. We kicked four field goals, but had no touchdowns. They scored one touchdown and two field goals. One red zone possession sticks out in my mind where we had a bad pass and we missed a guy open and could have converted.”

On wide receiver Aaron Kelly: “Right now with this year being his third year, he’s gotten a little more consistent. He’s a pretty tough guy. He’s got a unique running style. He’s a long strider. He’s really slippery. He’s got pretty good deceptive quickness. I would say consistency and toughness would be the biggest things.”

On Clemson’s offensive line: “I don’t know of any team that consistently other than Navy or West Virginia runs it week in and week out. I wish I could say that every game we’re going to have over 200 yards rushing. That would be a consistent performance from the backs and offensive line and the tight ends, but good defensive teams nowadays dictate whether they want you to beat them running or passing. Most defensive coordinators are going to take away the run first. I would say Maryland is going to do the same thing.”

On moving Thomas Austin to center: “It was a good move for the team because right now we need the five best performers on the field. We felt that way in the spring. Thomas Austin name came up a lot. He is one of our guys that consistently plays fairly physical in all of our games.”

On defeating Central Michigan: “Anytime you win 70-14 it always gives the players some confidence. After the game it was fairly insignificant pretty quickly because we have Maryland coming up. But, players walk out with a smile on their face and a little more enthusiasm on Monday than they would if we had not won the game or played really well. There is still room for improvement.”