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Tommy Bowden Press Conference Quotes

Tommy Bowden Press Conference Quotes

Sept. 5, 2006

Clemson Football Press Conference
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The 2005 Boston College game: “Boston College had the ball 90 plays and we had 57. Time of possession was in their favor by 10 minutes. Last year they had all of their offensive line starters back. There offensive lines kept our defense on the field and our offense off the field. Their offensive line came in with the mentality that they were going to win. They held us to one touchdown. Your defense has to go out and dominate, and the offense line has to take over, and that is what they did last year. Our 0-11 on third downs, Boston College’s possession time, their 90 plays, and their defense were the most important factors in the outcome of the game last year.”

The loss of linebacker Anthony Waters: “It’s a big loss. We’ve lost two of our top three players that possess big play potential in Anthony Waters. Gaines Adams is the other. There will be some mental adjustments, but what you try to educate the team on is that Wake Forest and Louisville have experienced the same things, along with the Pittsburgh Steelers. It’s the teams that rise to the occasion that can account for the lack of whatever the strengths the leaders had. You go on. The guy that replaces him has to elevate his game to another level. The whole team’s ability is elevated on the loss of one player. The offensive line knows they have to make plays. Gaines (Adams) knows he has to step up. Hopefully, we’ll respond with extra effort.”

Playing at Boston College: “I played there a long time ago. With most teams in this conference, we’re real familiar with their environment and atmosphere, but we aren’t familiar with Boston College’s setting, and we don’t know about the noise factor. We’re going to practice with crowd noise on Thursday like we always do. We’ll have probably about 5,000 Clemson fans with orange in the stands, so hopefully that will help.”

Opening Conference Play: “As you get into conference play, it’s all about winning the division and then the conference. You’re not going to win the conference by playing Florida Atlantic or South Carolina for that matter, because they’re not in the conference. I am anxious to see how our team responds. I wish it (the first ACC game) had come at home or against a lesser opponent than Boston College, but it is the hand we were dealt. Boston College’s offensive line took over the game last year and won a close game. Now our mentality is that we’re the team with all five starters back on the offensive line and we have to go to their place and do the same thing. They held us to one touchdown, so now we need to hold them.”

On punter Cole Chason (who did not have to punt last week): “He’s a talented kicker. He kicked well in spring and preseason. He’s responded to pressure from last year and (Jimmy) Maners coming on strong. He’s a competitor and wants to do better. I think we’ve done everything we can to get the punt protection ready for a real game. You can never fully evaluate it until you get into a game. We’ve practiced and scrimmaged. I’ve been pleased with the results.”

Boston College defensive players B.J. Raji and Brian Toal: “They’re very productive. Toal makes plays and Raji is a big, strong, physical guy. Raji will force some double teams and free someone up. The defense revolves around those guys, and the defense as a whole is solid. As you watch their defense play, they are fundamentally sound. Those two guys are the standout guys right now when you mention their defense, but they’re just a solid, well-coached team.”

The performances of his freshmen against Florida Atlantic: “(Ricky) Sapp had three pressures, a sack, and caused a fumble. Jeremy Campbell, Kevin Alexander, C.J. Spiller, to name a few, were very impressive. Close to 20 freshmen will play again this week. Most of the guys are in the rotation and/or on special teams. We’re going to need them. They won’t play as much, but there will be times when they will have to play in critical situations, especially with the loss of (Anthony) Waters.”

Will Proctor’s first away game as a starter: “Last week’s game really helped him. A different environment will have a little bit of an effect on him for the first play or two, then I don’t think it will be a problem. Then it gets down to you’re down by three points in the fourth quarter and do you have what it takes to bring your team back and do what is necessary. He threw the ball for 65 percent and managed the team really well against Florida Atlantic. He was a little jittery at first, but then he played well. (Offensive Coordinator) Rob Spence tests the offense well with checks and plays, and I have a lot of confidence in him and Will to lead the offense.”