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Tommy Bowden Discusses Upcoming Game Against South Carolina

Tommy Bowden Discusses Upcoming Game Against South Carolina

Nov. 7, 2000

Tommy Bowden Press Conference Off week prior to South Carolina game November 7, 2000

Clemson Head Coach Tommy Bowden’s comments on:

South Carolina defense “They are very multiple on defense and they are also very athletic. They play basically a three man front and they are able to blitz or drop back in zone at any time. They lead the conference in total defense and scoring defense so they are obviously very good at what they do. They have experienced, talented guys and they seem to understand exactly what they need to do.”

South Carolina offense “On offense they run a combination of an “I” formation and a shotgun, no huddle, spread formation. Their offensive formations are similar to ours but they do not try to run the ball from the quarterback position as much as we do. They run the ball out of the “I” formation but they are effective because they can also run out of the spread formation.”

The possibility of having a nine win season and what it would mean to the program “It has been almost 10 years since Clemson has won nine regular season games so if we could do that it would be a pretty good accomplishment in our second year. It would also be very important for our seniors and winning the game is our main focus right now.”

Clemson rebounding from two straight losses “The mental approach for our team right now is so important and something that is a concern. We have to look at the big picture and somehow relay that to the team. We can not be satisfied with losing two games but at the same time our players need to realize that we have done some very positive things over the last ten games. We need to make sure that they continue to improve on those positive aspects and try to eliminate some of the negative.”

The differences he sees in South Carolina this year as opposed to last year “Offensively as you can see they have changed completely. Last year they would line up in the “I” formation and pound the ball but this year they spread the field. That scheme has given them a much better chance of being successful. Also, success breads confidence and right now they are playing with great confidence. Their coaching staff is basically the same and with Lou Holt’z track record it was only a matter of time until they experienced success.”

The attractions of Clemson to he and his staff “There are several top programs in the country and I believe this is one of them. The Clemson family is tremendous and there are so many things that make this job attractive. My family and I are very happy here and I look forward to being here a long time.”