Tommy Bowden Chat Wrap

Tommy Bowden Chat Wrap

Tommy Bowden at 12:46pm ET Hey everyone, this is Tommy Bowden. I am here and looking forward to taking your questions, so fire away. ClemsonCasey from [], at 12:47pm ET Mr. Bowden. I am a huge Clemson fan. Who has impressed you the most out of Spring Practice? Tommy Bowden at 12:48pm ET Cedric Johnson, Greg Walker, Derrick Brantley, Rodney Thomas, Marcus Houskin, Derrick Hamilton, Bernard Rambert, Chad Jasmin, and Keith Kelly have impressed me the most. Kevin from [], at 12:48pm ET Does the ACC look better this year then last? Tommy Bowden at 12:49pm ET There are going to be a lot of question marks this year b/c of the turnover in staffs with new head coaches at UVA, UNC, Wake Forest and Maryland. It is going to be difficult to give a pre season prediction, TominJAX from [], at 12:49pm ET Is the shadow of your father a pplus or minus in recruiting. Tommy Bowden at 12:50pm ET Plus, it usually gets me on the phone with a prospect. I just don’t say which one. ClemsonCasey from [], at 12:50pm ET How many incoming freshman do you realistically see starting for the Tigers this coming year? Tommy Bowden at 12:51pm ET I would say maybe two to three on offense and one to two on defense. Lloyd Blanton from [], at 12:51pm ET Thanks for all you and the staff do. Besides buying tickets and being positive, what are the two things you’d most like for tiger fans to do for the program and Clemson in general? Tommy Bowden at 12:52pm ET Number 1 would be to re-establish the home field advantage through crowd noise and enthusiam. Which costs nothing. And we also need to address facilty concerns which costs a lot. Swift from [], at 12:53pm ET Coach,Are the players responding to Coach Scott’s new offense, and are there any notions of putting Simmons under center with Dantzler at tailback? Tommy Bowden at 12:54pm ET The offense remains the same, so there really isn’t too many drastic changes in the offense. I am afraid with Woody at tailback, it would increase the possiblities of him getting injured. Then you would only have one proven qb. CaseyHinson from [], at 12:54pm ET Mr. Bowden. Can you describe briefly how much of a thrill it is to lead the Clemson troops down “The Hill” into Death Valley? Tommy Bowden at 12:55pm ET It is hard to describe b/c there is not a similar scenario in college football. I have coached in several programs with rich tradition and history but none have the excitement and electricity that we have with our pre-game festivity of running down “The Hill”. Kevin from [], at 12:56pm ET Would you like to see another school added to the ACC? Tommy Bowden at 12:57pm ET I really don’t have a personal preference. There was some talk to getting some Northern press/exposure with the addition of Syracuse and Souther press/exposure with the addition of Miami. But that will be a conference and administrative decision. CaseyHinson from [], at 12:58pm ET Do you think the ACC, as a football conference, gets the respect that it deserves? Tommy Bowden at 1:00pm ET Yes. I think that with the recent success of NCSU, GT, Clemson, and UVA, and the national success that FSU has had, our conference has a strong foundation. We just don’t have the numbers of the Big 10 or SEC, our quality is good. Richard Edwards from [], at 1:00pm ET Have we developed any depth on the offensive line and do you see us being bigger and/or stronger there this year? Tommy Bowden at 1:02pm ET Yes, our most pleasant surprises this spring has been young offensive linemen, but our seniors have all gotten bigger and stronger. T.J. Watkins, Kyle Young, and Will Merritt especially. KirstenK from [], at 1:03pm ET Coach Bowden, What do you think is the biggest obstacle for the Tigers to overcome to be successful this year? Tommy Bowden at 1:03pm ET I would say that lack of depth on the DL, and then just quality depth overall. Eric from [], at 1:04pm ET How do you think your former offensive coordinator Rich Rodriguez will do at West Virginia University? Tommy Bowden at 1:04pm ET I think he will have early success b/c of the style of offense he runs. That will really give him a chance. David (Texas) from [], at 1:05pm ET What are your thoughts and feelings on the non-conference games played in future years in respect to strength of competition? Tommy Bowden at 1:06pm ET I am very pleased that we are adding Georgia, Auburn and Texas A&M. I think those along with South Carolina, who is an every year out of conference opponent, I think that this is the direction that we need to be heading. Lumbee from [], at 1:06pm ET With being touted for the Heisman, do you feel pressure to start him over Simmons? Tommy Bowden at 1:07pm ET No, I do feel pressure to start Woody. The best player will start on September 1. There is no pressure whatsoever to start the best player. ManhattaNole from [], at 1:08pm ET Who does Ann Bowden REALLY root for, you or Jeff and Bobby? Tommy Bowden at 1:09pm ET She roots for Bobby first, b/c he has the credit cards. Jeff second, and me third. Which is terribly disturbing, b/c of all three, I lie the least. Bob MacKenzie from [], at 1:10pm ET Was a game between Michigan ever considered? I understand that they wanted the 12th game at home, but would it not have been worth traveling to play that type of competition? Tommy Bowden at 1:11pm ET The administration does all the research on scheduling, but it is my understanding that Michigan never had an opening in a workable time slot. Clark from [], at 1:11pm ET What’s you golf handicap? Tommy Bowden at 1:12pm ET I am probably about a 20 or 25. Jimmy Phillips from [], at 1:12pm ET Tommy great job! How is our kicking game going this spring! Tommy Bowden at 1:14pm ET I have been really pleased with the punting of Wynn Kopp, the transfer from Georgia. Also his back-up, Tif Miller, has done a good job. And the kicking of Aaron Hunt and Tony Lazarra. Henry Owen has done a great job snapping, and Jeff Scott holding. So overall I have been pleased. CaseyHinson from [], at 1:14pm ET Mr. Bowden. Who is most likely to return punts and kicks this year in Tiger Town? Tommy Bowden at 1:15pm ET Punts will be Derrick Hamilton, Reames, and then several incoming fresman will be looked at as well. Paul from [], at 1:16pm ET What is the hardest team to coach against and why? Tommy Bowden at 1:16pm ET Florida State, definitely. They have tremendous talent and they are well coached. Lyle from [], at 1:16pm ET Will Travis Zachery play any wide receiver this year?Tommy Bowden at 1:17pm ET No, not really. But the way we use our tailback at times is like a fifth receiver. Paul from [], at 1:17pm ET When you coach against a family member, how is the mood around ther family leading up to the big game? Tommy Bowden at 1:18pm ET Battle lines are drawn between my brothers and sisters the week before the game between Clemson and Florida State. Pins are pulled on the hand grenades, and bayonetts are fixed for the battle.

Clark from [], at 1:19pm ET With rumors that attendance at this weekends spring game will beat some schools regular season game attendence, how big is that to the players and coaches? Tommy Bowden at 1:22pm ET You know, it doesn’t surprise me that our attendance will be large this week. The excitement for Clemson football is what makes this an attractive place to want to coach football. There is an excitement that runs year-round for Clemson football which is very similar to some of the SEC environments that I have been involved with. But I am really looking forward to seeing the crowd. Some schools are waiting for March Madness, here people are waiting for the Orange & White game. Tommy Bowden at 1:23pm ET I would like to thank everyone for their questions. I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to this upcoming fall more than you can imagine. See you at the Orange & White Game and GO TIGERS!!!!