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Tommy Bowden And Lou Holtz Quotes

Nov. 18, 2000

Clemson Head Coach Tommy Bowden

“I think this is the first one I have had as a coach (where the game has) come down to a kick where I was the winner.”

“He (Aaron Hunt) had some big kicks today and I was really happy for him. I chose to go for it on fourth down with some fakes and maybe take a little pressure off of him this year. I think we faked it so much the fakes weren’t there any more. In this game, the fake was not the fake.”

“Our team has played extremely hard this year. We have played really well. We suffered some injuries and through some things that made it more difficult, but I am not disappointed with eight wins. I am not satisfied with it, but after two years I was not disappointed with it.”

“South Carolina had a bowl game secured, we had a bowl game secured and I thought this game would come down to a pride factor and a heart factor. South Carolina certainly played that way for 60 minutes and so did we. I think it was a good reflection on (South Carolina head coach Lou) Holtz and his staff on what they have done and what this staff has done.”

“The hook was warmed up (to take Dantzler out of the game). I had done warmed it up.”

“It is pretty much a slow death when you play them. They don’t give you a whole bunch (on defense). They are going to rush three and drop eight. It is a safe and secure defense.”

South Carolina Coach Lou Holtz

It was a difficult loss, I congratulate Clemson. It was a hard-played game. We had too many offensive turnovers in the third quarter. What can I say? We really hurt. It was a great football game.

On the pass completion to set up the game-winning field goal: We had two kids there and we’d have gone up for the football, but we didn’t have a chance to go up. I didn’t see it. I was on the other side. We were in great shape, the ball’s up in the air, our guy goes to go up, and he doesn’t go up.

Do you think he was held by the receiver? He said he was. He (Goodman) was in perfect position, and so was Eiland coming over. Clemson won. Let’s not detract from Clemson’s victory. I don’t plan on doing that.

With respect to losses in South Carolina’s last three games: We played hard, we played well. I don’t have any fault. Three fine football teams, two of them in the last 20 seconds. I thought we got better as the year went on, I thought we played well.

On missed opportunities in the third quarter: They made some good plays, we couldn’t get the blocking going in the third quarter. They played good defense, we played good defense. I think it was the turnovers as much as anything.

About the personal fouls called on South Carolina: We’ve played 10 football games. We’ve averaged about five penalties a game. I don’t think we’ve had an offensive pass interference penalty, maybe one. Maximum. There was one called on them (offensive pass interference penalty) and it was overruled because the ball was tipped. I have never seen a 50-yard spiral tipped.

I thought we did a pretty good job. We had one or two motion penalties which is about what you expect. The crowd was loud, they were in the game, but I thought overall we did a pretty good job. You never think you have it won. Not as long as there are 29 people on the field.

Do you think the officials did a bad job? I can’t say that. It doesn’t help to go through channels (about officiating). But I don’t wish to take away from Clemson’s victory. The scoreboard says Clemson won. Nothing else is really relevant right now.

We lost to two top-20 teams in the last 20 seconds. You play the caliber of schedule we play in the SEC and this happens.