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Tommy Bowden and Jim Caldwell Post Game Quotes

Sept. 16, 2000

Clemson Head Coach Tommy Bowden What makes Woody Danztler a threat? “It is the fact that he can run and throw and we haven’t had one of those lately. One performs both things pretty efficiently. It wasn’t by design that we ran more than we threw, but we just took what they gave us. I thought our offensive staff did a good job finding the opportunities that their defense gave us, take what was there and don’t force anything. We talked in the locker room at half time about having the killer instinct and we got a fumble early in the third quarter and we were able to take it out and score. I think that our conditioning also paid off for us today as we were able to keep fresh players in there most of the time. And when the other team gets tired it time to take advantage of some of these weaknesses. I do not think that fatigue will ever be a factor with this team. I told Reggie to draw him a line when the second team is in there and when the other team gets there then we put the stoppers back in.”

Wake Forest Head Coach, Jim Caldwell “Woody Dantzler is a very good player and very tough to handle, particularly because sometimes you fin a player who is very good in the passing game who is unable to run the ball. However, Dantzler is just the opposite. He is one that can throw the ball very well, [he] certainly can operate a complex system and can run the ball like a tailback. He really gave us some problems. I thought that we were playing good defense there for a while, until he got results. It is tough for us to muster up defense against guys like that, who are big and strong, particularly those who can come off the edge like they do. You better be able to put together some type of running game, which we just could not do. The preliminary diagnosis on CJ [Leak] is that he dislocated his knee, so that is probably a pretty severe injury.”