Tigers Abundant on NFL Training Camp Rosters

Tigers Abundant on NFL Training Camp Rosters

July 25, 2002

Clemson, SC – The National Football League currently has 28 former Clemson Tigers on rosters heading into the 2002 NFL training camps across the nation. Sixteen teams are going to bring in former Clemson players to start off the season with the Dallas Cowboys having the most on their roster with three. The list of former Clemson players on the Cowboys currently include recent Tigers Woodrow Dantzler and Keith Adams and 1998 senior Jason Gamble.

The football season officially got underway with the NFL’s new expansion team, the Houston Texans, reporting to camp on July 20, at Reliant Park. The Texans have Leomont Evans a former Tiger defensive back between 1992-95, who will enter the camp competing for the starting strong safety spot. He played previously in the NFL with the Washington Redskins.

There are four former Tigers from the 2001 team who have been invited to training camps. All signed as free agents. Dantzler goes into Dallas as a talented athlete making the transition from quarterback to running back. He also could be used as a kick returner. Jovon Bush has been invited to the Jacksonville Jaguars camp, to compete for a roster spot as a defensive tackle. New head coach Steve Spurrier invited Akil Smith to camp to earn a spot on his new fun & gun offense in Washington. Then there is T.J. Watkins who is headed to the Seattle Seahawks.

There are many former Tigers who have been in the NFL for a number of years. The list is led by Chris Gardocki, who will be in his 12th NFL season. He will be punting for the Cleveland Browns. Other former Tigers who are in double digits in terms of NFL service are Terry Allen (New Orleans Saints), Levon Kirkland (Philadelphia Eagles) and Chester McGlockton (Denver Broncos).

Clemson Players on Training Camp roster for 2002 NFL season

Player Team CU Years NFL Yrs

Keith Adams, LB Dallas Cowboys 1998-2000 1 Terry Allen, RB New Orleans Saints 1987-89 13 Lorenzo Bromell, DE Minnesota Vikings 1996-97 5 Terry Bryant, DE Green Bay Packers 1997-2000 R Brenston Buckner, DT Carolina Panthers 1990-93 9 Jim Bundren, C Miami Dolphins 1994-97 4 Jovon Bush, DT Jacksonville Jaguars 1998-2001 R Robert Carswell, S San Diego Chargers 1997-2000 1 Darrel Crutchfield, CB Philadelphia Eagles 1997-2000 1 Woodrow Dantzler, RB Dallas Cowboys 1998-2001 R Brian Dawkins, S Philadelphia Eagles 1992-95 7 Adrian Dingle, DE San Diego Chargers 1995-98 4 Antwan Edwards, S Green Bay Packers 1995-98 4 Leomont Evans, S Houston Texans 1992-95 5 Jason Gamble, C Dallas Cowboys 1997-98 R Rod Gardner, WR Washington Redskins 1997-2000 1 Chris Gardocki, P Cleveland Browns 1988-90 12 Lamont Hall, TE New Orleans Saints 1994-97 4 Corey Hulsey, G Buffalo Bills 1996-98 1 Levon Kirkland, LB Philadelphia Eagles 1988-91 11 Dexter McCleon, CB St. Louis Rams 1993-96 6 Chester McGlockton, DT Denver Broncos 1989-91 10 Trevor Pryce, DT Denver Broncos 1996 5 Anthony Simmons, LB Seattle Seahawks 1995-97 4 Akil Smith, OT Washington Redskins 1998-2001 R James Trapp, CB Baltimore Ravens 1989-92 9 T.J. Wakins, OT Seattle Seahawks 1998-2001 R Terry Witherspoon, FB San Diego Chargers 1997-2000 R