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Tiger Tracks Flashbacks: 1986

Aug. 27, 2003

The second consecutive Clemson vs. Georgia game in Sanford Stadium came down to a kicker with a chance to give his team the victory. David Treadwell, Clemson’s junior kicker, had missed a 39-yard field goal earlier in the fourth quarter. Georgia and Clemson players watched with great anticipation as Treadwell lined up a 46-yard field goal attempt in the game’s final seconds.

“I couldn’t watch,” Clemson tailback Kenny Flowers said. “Well, I take that back. I had to peek just a little bit. But I just knew he had to hit it.”

For the complete story on the 1986 game, pick up a copy of the game program on Saturday.

Video Highlights of Clemson Athletics

Flowers races down the sideline…Watch (4.2 MB)

Williams keeps the drive alive…Watch (3.2 MB)

Flagler finds paydirt…Watch (1.7 MB)

“The Kick”…Watch (3.5 MB)