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Tiger Fans – Leave The Short Sleeve Shirts At Home

Dec. 30, 2000

Jacksonville, Fla. – When you say bowl game, images of Florida come to mind. And with images of Florida come thoughts of sunny and warm weather. Not to mention the perk of a suntan in December.

Unfortunately on this bowl trip you can leave the short sleeve shirts at home. The forecast for the 2001 Gator Bowl on Monday between Clemson and Virginia Tech calls for a high of 50 degrees. The high on Sunday is predicted to be 47 degrees.

“It is not as cold as it was in Clemson, but it’s cold,” said head coach Tommy Bowden following his team’s final practice before the Gator Bowl.

At Clemson’s final bowl practice the temperature was 42 degrees. The Tigers practiced at the Jacksonville Jaguars practice facility on Saturday, which is sandwiched between Alltel Stadium (site of the Gator Bowl) and the St. John’s River. The close proximity of the water produced a consistent wind during the practice and a wind chill of 23 degrees.

“We expected it to be warm in Florida, but this is football weather,” linebacker Chad Carson said. “It is a little bit nippy and the fans will have to bundle up.”