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The Tiger Learns about the Updated Security Measures

Beginning this season, walk-through metal detectors will be present at all entrances to Memorial Stadium to help ensure the continued safety of our fans, donors, coaches, student-athletes and visitors. As a result, we’re asking you to plan ahead and allow extra time entering the stadium.

Outfitting a stadium of this size with screening devices at every entrance is a significant undertaking. We’re spending countless hours planning with some of the most experienced safety experts in the world as we get set to open the gates in late August.

The undertaking is part of a trend occurring at major sporting events across the country and the safety of stadium occupants is the number-one priority. Presently, the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL mandate similar procedures at their venues.

As we did in Littlejohn Coliseum for men’s basketball last year, we’re looking to our guests to facilitate entry by remembering a few things:
· Please allow extra time to enter the stadium and arrive earlier than normal.
· If you must bring items into the stadium, please make sure that they adhere to the Clear Bag policy, established in 2016.
· Please read the signs and listen for instructions from event security staff for what can stay in your pockets and what needs to be removed before screening.

You will be asked to remove large metal objects from your pockets prior to walking through the metal detectors entering Memorial Stadium. Shoes, coins, wallets, belts and jewelry will not need to be removed. Please follow instructions from stadium event and security staff to help with the entry process.

Fans who either have a relevant medical condition or do not feel comfortable walking through the metal detectors can notify event staff and participate in an alternative screening process. Prohibited items include, but are not limited to: artificial noisemakers, backpacks, non-clear bags or purses, banners/flags/flag poles, coolers, outside food or beverage, knives or weapons of any kind.

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