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This Day In Clemson Sports – October 19, 1944

Oct. 19, 2000

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This Day In Clemson Sports and The Coach’s Corner has been provided to by the authors of the book, Clemson: Where the Tigers Play. Three members of the Clemson Athletic family wrote the book: Associate Sports Information Director Sam Blackman, Sports Information Director Emeritus Bob Bradley and Men’s Tennis Coach Chuck Kriese.

October 19, 1944 Rain fell on the Clemson-USC game for the first time since 1896.

The Coach’s Corner “We had a pretty good team my first year as a head coach in 1940. In fact, you couldn’t get off to a better start than I did. The very first offensive play by my very first Clemson team went for a touchdown.

“We had kicked off to Presbyterian, but on third down they fumbled and we recovered. George Floyd went all the way for a touchdown on the next play. When I started telling that story, I always said Floyd’s run was for about 47 yards. Every time I’d tell the story, the run became longer. I had it up to about 70-some yards before long. But everything gets better as the years go by.

“Then I decided that I should probably find out the facts. Wish I hadn’t, I found out the play only went for 18 yards. It sure felt like longer that that. But it was still a touchdown on my first offensive play as a coach.”

Frank Howard Head football coach, 1940-69

Clemson: Where the Tigers Play, covers the major events that have occurred in over a century of athletic competition. From Frank Howard’s homespun humor to the National Championships Clemson has won in various sports, this book gives the many details of the Tigers at play.

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