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The Citadel vs. Clemson Quotes

The Citadel vs. Clemson Quotes

CLEMSON HEAD COACH DABO SWINNEYOn the Senior Day victory:“Congratulations to the seniors. Senior Day is always an emotional game. Today, we showed some maturity as a team…to get control of the game and get other guys some opportunities and hold The Citadel to three points was awesome.”

On the well-rounded performance of his team:“We played so many guys. We also had three quarterbacks throw for over 100 yards, and I don’t know if that’s ever happened before. It was great to see Deon Cain get back on track. How about Tee Higgins? What a performance he had. Also, Travis Etienne broke C.J. Spiller’s freshman touchdown record. James Skalski got first start and played well. Again, so many guys made critical plays at critical times. This was just a fun day to see these guys have a great time playing well and seeing other guy play well and get excited about that, too.”

On the success of the senior class:“We’ve now gotten at least 10 wins seven years in a row. The class of 2011 got it started, and it’s carried forward to this year’s senior class. It’s really hard to do that, and for them to go 27-1 at home is mind-boggling. I’m just really proud of the standard that these guys have bought into during their time here.”

On Military Appreciation Day:“It’s been awesome all day. The job that Clemson does on Military Appreciation Day is amazing. There were so many spectators on hand today, and we wanted to put on a special show for them. I’m glad that everybody got to take part and enjoy themselves for three hours on a such a meaningful day.”

THE CITADEL HEAD COACH BRENT THOMPSONOn moving the ball on offense:“It was all we could do to try to get first downs and move the ball on each drive. I was happy with that last drive we had. We threw the ball real well and got in position to at least put three points on the board.”

On the overall season they had:“It has definitely been an up and down season for us. There is no doubt about it. The games that we lost were to some pretty good football teams…five 7-1 teams, and these guys right here [Clemson]. So I don’t think it is as bad as we made it out out be. We definitely had opportunities to win…it’s just our expectations were a lot higher. We have our work cut out for us. We just have to find a couple of more guys to fill in some of the spots that we missed.”

On ending the season playing an FBS team:“It’s tough, but we just love the opportunity to come play in this environment. Our players get excited to play this game, and I even get excited to play this game. It’s something I don’t always get the chance to experience, and playing around 80,000 fans is fun too.”


HUNTER RENFROW, Wide ReceiverOn execution of the offense:“We wanted to get some rhythm in the passing game. We got Tee [Higgins], Deon [Cain] and Ray Ray [McCloud] all going on deep balls today, and that’s what we needed. We’re excited about finishing strong.”

On South Carolina next week:“They’re definitely talented…they are good enough to beat us. They’re a good team, and that’s something that growing up in South Carolina, I’ve always looked forward to. They had our numbers when I was in high school, and hearing a lot of smack talk from Carolina fans certainly keeps me motivated.”

On the South Carolina game his freshman year:“I remember it being a lot closer than maybe it should have been. It was close…it came down to an onside kick, and so for the guys that went down there and played, that is definitely in our minds, and we’re ready to go take care of business.”

ZERRICK COOPER, QuarterbackOn his personal performance:“I found my rhythm, and I’ve been working on all aspects of my game. It’s nice to go out and prove all of the hard work you put in is doing something.”

On things he’s improved on since getting the Syracuse experience:“I think I’ve tried to improve my confidence and self esteem the most, along with my moves. I can always work on some things. Anything I work on, I put my best effort into it.”

On the fumble-turned-touchdown pass:“I knew I had one-on-one with Tee Higgins…I knew he was going all the way. There was a little bad fall, but in that moment, it was my redeeming shot. I looked downfield, and let it fly, and he executed it perfectly.”

JUSTIN FOSTER, Defensive EndOn confidence going forward from today:“Confidence-wise, I think the biggest thing is being confident in myself being out there, and getting out there and being able to play 15-20 snaps gives me confidence that next time I’ll go out there.”

On the transition of the fall and getting thrown into the action:“Being throw in is rough…just learning the system and everything. You just have to take it day by day. That’s what I did. I learned the defense and everything, and it’s just gotten better each day.”

The hardest part about the transition from high school to college:“In high school, I didn’t spend as much time in football. [Here], you’re with football 24/7… it’s your life. I thought it’s just the hardest thing…it’s your life.”

MARCUS EDMOND, CornerbackOn being back on the field for the first time since September 7th:“It felt great to get back on the field, playing with my brothers again…and the last time being in the Valley too.”

On his rust level on the field:“I feel like I knocked all the rust off at practice.”

On being at the top of the Hill for the final time:“I was just thinking about how fast it went…five years went by so fast. The only years I remember are my redshirt year and last year and this year. Every other year was like a blur.”