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Dec 10, 2021

Swinney on Virginia’s Hiring of Tony Elliott


“I just can’t tell you how happy I am for Tony and Tamika and Ace and A.J. and also just how proud I am of Tony.

“Man, it’s really, really been an amazing journey for me to watch Tony since 2003. He was in my first receiver group — a captain. And I’m not quite old enough to be his dad but I look at him like a son. He really is special. I love him and his family with all my heart. I’m just so proud of him and all that he’s done since I hired him in 2011. And then obviously he had never called plays, and he’s leaving here as one of the best to do it. What he did from that bowl game in 2014 to now is just incredible.

“To see him now have a chance to go be the head coach at Virginia — like Brent [Venables] having the chance to go be the head coach at Oklahoma — it’s a blessing because I know what he’s going to bring. Those young men will be blessed by the way we do things here at Clemson. I have no doubt he’s going to be successful. And I’m super excited I’m still going to have a chance to interact with him on head coach calls, our ACC head coach meetings, etc.

“It’s good to see him move on and sad to see him move on, but it’s also exciting for new opportunity here as well.”