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Statement from Terry Don Phillips on Ticket Sales for Mazda Tangerine Bowl

Statement from Terry Don Phillips on Ticket Sales for Mazda Tangerine Bowl

Dec. 12, 2002

“We hope as many of our supporters as possible will join us at the Mazda Tangerine Bowl, or help a child or teenager in the Orlando area attend the game by buying a ticket through the donation program we have established in conjunction with the bowl.

“After discussing the situation with virtually anyone who would take the time, we have determined that the fundamental reason for the low ticket demand thus far for the Mazda Tangerine Bowl compared with our previous bowl trips in the Southeast is the date and time of the game (5:30 PM on December 23).

“The ticket sales thus far in no way reflect negatively on our fans, our football team, or the value and generosity of the Mazda Tangerine Bowl Organization. For those who are able to accommodate their schedules, the trip will be great fun and very special. We look forward to seeing those folks in Orlando.

“Clemson is legendary for its support of athletics, particularly bowl games, but our fan base is truly family oriented. The date of the bowl and the return drive from Orlando to the upstate of South Carolina asks our supporters to make a choice between going to the bowl, or spending Christmas eve with their family. “

Clemson ticket manager Van Hilderbrand reported that the Clemson ticket office sold 500 tickets on Thursday and they will continue to take orders the rest of this week and next week. Clemson has now sold over 6,000 tickets to the Mazda Tangerine Bowl.