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Memorial Stadium


Clemson’s Memorial Stadium, also commonly known as “Death Valley”, has been held in high esteem by its visitors for many years. Whether it be Alumni players from its beginning seasons, opposing teams, or even professional players, the ambiance of this exceptional environment is what many people describe as the epitome of College Football.

Memorial Stadium has been considered one of the best in College Football for a long time, due to the atmosphere created by fans who are dedicated to seeing their Tigers play. In 2017. rated Memorial Stadium as having the No.10 stadium experience in the nation for all sports and No. 1 for all of College Football. Additionally, their 2023 season was recognized by 247Sports and named in the top five fan atmospheres.

The quality and spirit derived from Clemson’s Death Valley can only be described as a one-of-a-kind experience, and continues to improve regularly. The most recent renovations were debuted in 2022, with the most recognizable being a major upgrade to the video board, which had not seen any significant enhancements since 2005. 

The Timeline of “Death Valley”

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Frank Howard Field

Frank Howard Field has been a crucial element of Clemson Football for over 40 years. Dedicated to the beloved legend in 1974, it has continued to accommodate the tens of thousands of fans it sees every season. Howard played an essential role in the Football program for many years, making it an easy decision to put the field in his name. He served as Head Coach for over thirty years, along with coaching his team to a number of bowl games and other achievements. As the stadium itself continues to expand, the field remains meticulously maintained in order to provide the players with the best game surface, while also being aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of the 80,000 fans. Its upkeep contributes to the overall admiration that Memorial Stadium receives regularly.

Video Board

The newest renovation to the video board has been given the nickname “DaboTron” due to its extraordinary size, along with being the newest renovation to Death Valley. This addition was the first time the program decided to make a complete change to the screen since 2005, taking roughly nine months to complete. It made its debut on September 10th, 2022 against Furman, ending with a Win for the Tigers of 35-12.

Home & Visitor Tunnels

The Tunnels serve as each teams designated space before and after games, allowing ample space for the teams to make their entrance and exits to and from the field. This also allows their entire staffing team to have access to a space provided with locker rooms and offices for their coaches. 

The Game Day locker rooms create a totally unique atmosphere on game days. Placed right on the edge of the stadium for transportation convenience, the game day locker rooms help players come together before their games and get their adrenaline pumping prior to their iconic Tiger entrance. Each player gets their own individual locker, with an overhead compartment for storage, along with a seating area and a storage drawer underneath. They also have a number of showers that they are able to utilize afterwards. 

The home tunnel has a few more amenities, including more office space, along with the notorious recruiting lounge parallel to the locker rooms. The Recruiting Lounge is a crucial element of the recruitment process here at Clemson. Since this is happening a majority of the year, they designed this space to allow for potential athletes and their families to gather and meet existing players, coaches, and meet for information in regards to the stadium and their experience as Tigers.


Nieri Enrichment Center has served the hundreds of athletes at Clemson, helping them achieve their highest potential in Academics, while teaching them how to properly balance their school with their sport. Upon entry, visitors are greeted with the Lobby, which features some of the offices that house the Academic Advisors, along with multiple seating areas where athletes are more than welcome to study or relax before their sessions. West of the lobby is the Learning Lab, where students have access to over 20 tutor rooms and can meet with their learning specialists when they have homework or in preparation of exams. Providing student-athletes with this space helps them increase their educational abilities, along with providing them with resources to help assist them and keep them accountable. Along with Academics, there is also a Mental Health Counselor on staff that they have access to at all times, giving them a resource to reach out to in times of need.

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The Masters Club in Death Valley is a premium club accessible to donors and other contributing members of the Clemson Football Program. It allows for an unobstructed vision of the field, hill, and the new video board, along with premium seating. The Masters Club provides a unique and personalized experience on game days, surrounded by spirit, excitement, and love for the Tigers.

Masters Club Amenities Include:

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The Miller Family WestZone Club

The Miller Family WestZone Club is located a level above the Masters Club, accessible to premium members of IPTAY and donors who help keep this program successful. The WestZone Club has a large amount of outdoor seating that members utilize at game time to fully experience the band, music, and details of the game from a premium perspective. 

WestZone Club Amenities Include:

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The Bob Bradley Press Box is located on the South side of the Stadium, housing space for the number of media outlets and members of Communications who are covering the game. This space is designed to provide individual spaces for each team to manage their individual tasks, while also allowing them premium access to the amenities of the space.

Amenities Include: