Sporting News Ranks Top 10 Tigers of All-Time

Sporting News Ranks Top 10 Tigers of All-Time

You’ve probably discussed it already at your kitchen table, but who would you pick as your top 10 Clemson Football players of all-time?

Sporting News offered their choices, which include:

Terry Kinard

C.J. Spiller

William Perry

Jeff Davis

Michael Dean Perry

Banks McFadden

Levon Kirkland

Brian Dawkins

Steve Fuller

Perry Tuttle

On Tuttle, SN said he barely edged out Sammy Watkins:

Most Clemson fans probably still have the “Sports Illustrated” cover of Tuttle, who caught the game-winning touchdown pass from Homer Jordan in the 1982 Orange Bowl against Nebraska. Tuttle ranks fourth all time at Clemson in receiving yards (2,534), and he averaged 17.0 yards per catch or more as a junior and senior. Tuttle, perhaps because of his special place in Clemson lore, gets the slight edge on Sammy Watkins as a result.

See SN’s full rundown here and then tweet your all-time Tigers list to @ClemsonTigers using #AllTimeTigers to compare with other Clemson fans.