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Seven Tigers Still Questionable

Seven Tigers Still Questionable

Sept. 26, 2001

Clemson, SC – Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden said seven players, all would be starters, are questionable for the Georgia Tech game on Saturday. The list includes starting tailback Travis Zachery, wide receiver Roscoe Crosby, wide receiver Matt Bailey, wide receiver J.J. McKelvey, offensive guard T.J. Watkins, defensive tackle Jovon Bush and defensive tackle Nick Eason.

All but Crosby suffered injuries in the Virginia game last Saturday. “All seven of those players will be a game day decision. We will just have to see how they warmup. I can never remember having this many players this late in the week who are questionable for a game.”

Bowden did say that three players previously listed on the injury list were back at practice and should be 100 percent for Saturday. Those players are safety Eric Meekins, tight end Ben Hall and fullback Chad Jasmin.

Clemson will hold one more practice on Thursday afternoon in preparation for Saturday’s 3:43 PM kickoff at Grant Field in Atlanta.

Clemson Injury Summary

Kevin Youngblood (WR)-broken leg, out Jackie Robinson(WR)-broken jaw, out Marcus Houskin (FS)-broken neck, out AltroyBodrick (LB)-torn ACL, out Roscoe Crosby (WR)-bruised knee,questionable Matt Bailey (WR)-pulled hamstring, questionable J.J.McKelvey (WR)-sprained knee, questionable Travis Zachery(RB)-bruised foot and knee, questionable Jovon Bush (DT) -bruisedbone in foot, questionable Nick Eason, (DT), sprained ankle,questionable Eric Meekins (FS)-pulled hamstring, will play Ben Hall(TE)-sprained ankle, will play Keith Kelly (RB)-sprained knee,questionable T.J. Watkins (OT)-sprained ankle and knee,questionable Chad Jasmin (FB)-sprained ankle, will play TonyLazzara (PK)-pulled groin muscle, questionable