Rain Dampens Clemson’s First Day in Pads

Rain Dampens Clemson’s First Day in Pads

Aug. 9, 2005

Clemson, SC –

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All football coaches look forward to the first day of practice, but sometimes Mother Nature gets in the way. The Tigers lost about 30 minutes of practice time and 40 minutes overall due to lightning and severe weather in the Clemson area during the middle of practice and it forced Clemson Head Coach Tommy Bowden to curtail some of his scheduled contact on Tuesday.

“It is just difficult to come back out after taking 40 minutes off in the locker room in the middle of practice,” said Bowden, who took his team through its fifth practice of the preseason. “We weren’t as sharp today and the break due to the weather had a lot to do with that. It put us a little off schedule and we didn’t hit as much as we would have liked.

“We have certainly had a lot of rain the last four days. We have a lot of experience working in bad weather so we will be prepared for that in the fall.”

The Tigers had some situational scrimmaging for the last 10 minutes of practice, but it was considered a “thud scrimmage” as the defense did not bring the offensive players to the ground.

Still, the Tiger mentor was pleased with the leadership of his seniors on Tuesday and for the first five practices overall. “The team came camp in good physical conditions and with a good work ethic. The seniors have set an example and they have shown good leadership so far. The practices have gone well so far and they have a lot to do with it.”

Bowden announced one position move on Tuesday. Freshman Demerick Chancellor, a running back at Miami Edison High School in Miami, FL who gained 812 yards on just 87 carries as a senior, has been moved to the secondary. Tuesday was his first practice on that side of the ball.

Bowden talked about a few of his players who have done well so far. “Dorell Scott is a player who has looked good. He missed a lot of time in the spring due to injury, but he has shown up so far. Duane Coleman has practiced well and has caught the ball consistently out of the backfield, which he has done in the past (49 career receptions). As far as a big play receiver, Chansi Stuckey certainly has a chance to fill that role, but Aaron Kelly also could be our go-to guy. Curtis Baham is another candidate.”

Wednesday will be final exam day for the second session of summer school. Tuesday’s practice did not include the normal sprints at the end of practice to allow the players to get to dinner, then study for final exams. The Tigers will not practice Wednesday until 7:30 PM to 10:30 Pm in order to finish the exams in the afternoon.

There were not new injuries reported on Tuesday.