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Quotes From Tommy Bowden’s Press Conference

Quotes From Tommy Bowden’s Press Conference

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Tommy Bowden Quotes

On defensive gameplan against UVA quarterback Matt Schaub: “You have to give him some different looks in the secondary. You also have to put some pressure on him. That combination will be the key. He is really in the zone right now as far as throwing is concerned. His receivers are doing well and they have a good plan. So we are going to have to do something to confuse him .”

On running game situation heading into UVA game: “It depends on how they play us. With Florida State, we were having success on the intermediate routes and we threw deep several times and were having success. We are going into our sixth game now, and we need to have a 100-yard rusher. mIn order to do that, somebody has to break a long run. The guy from Georgia Tech broke a long run, the guy from Florida State broke a long one, and the guy from Georgia had over 100 yards. So we need to get ours. We have to find some way to get somebody to break one for extra yardage.”

On UVA’s rushing defense: “They play a very unique style. Most defenses have their linemen in a three-point stance with their tail high, and they go north-south. These guys play east-west. They play right down the line of scrimmage. Their priority is not rushing the passer, it is stopping the run. This style is completely different. It is going to be difficult to get used to. When you look at their defensive personnel, three of their top six defensive linemen are freshmen. They throw some young guys out there.”

On possible letdown after last week’s loss to FSU: “I hope not. One of my philosophies is do not let a loss beat you twice. Carrying that loss with you mentally can affect you the next week. We have talked about that and naturally they were down Sunday and will get better the closer we get to gameday. If you worry too much about what just happened, then it will affect you. It is not how you start, it is how you finish.”

On special teams struggles during big games: “Our breakdowns have come in our two biggest games. The problems have been on kickoff coverage and dropped snaps by the punter. The fumble on the punt and kickoff against FSU did not happen in the Georgia game. It was the first turnover for both of those guys (Derrick Hamilton and Jackie Robinson), and hopefully it will not happen again for the rest of the year. The turnovers just did not come at an opportunistic time.”

On UVA’s big-play receiver Billy McMullen: “He certainly gets your attention. He is an NFL type. He reminds me of Kevin Youngblood in that he is 6-5 or 6-6. He is really durable, has good hands and runs real good routes. He has been productive for a couple of years, so he definitely has our attention.”