Quotes from the Tommy Bowden Press Conference

Quotes from the Tommy Bowden Press Conference

Sept. 10, 2002

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Tommy Bowden Quotes

Overall Feeling Heading into ACC Opener Versus Georgia Tech: “We’ve had a pretty good look now with a quality opponent in Georgia and with a different type of opponent in Louisiana Tech. I think we’re going into the game with a good foundation offensively and defensively. Other than the injury factor, I feel pretty good. Right now the biggest question mark is that Georgia Tech has not been challenged and not had to show its hand. We’ve had two 60-minute games and we’ve had to play every card. There might be some doubt and indecision on our part because we know that they are holding something back.”

On the tailback situation with Bernard Rambert’s injury: “Going into the season, we planned on using Yusef (Kelly) more as he learned more of his blocking assignments. If Bernard Rambert’s injury goes for an extended amount of time, then it would be difficult for him to replace Kelly. Now with Chad Jasmin out, we’re looking at more playing time for Tye Hill and possibly Kyle Browning. Cliff Harrell will be the I-formation fullback.”

On the offensive line situation: “We were getting real comfortable with them until Derrick Brantley went down. In the last two years, we’ve had some unfortunate injuries in which we’ve lost guys for the whole year. I haven’t been around this many season-ending injuries this early in the season. “Those guys on the line work in unison. All of a sudden when you take one out, you’ve got to get a comfort zone again. We’re losing about 25 or 30 pounds with William Henry coming in, and less strength than what Brantley has. William will do a good job, he played well against Louisiana Tech when he was in there (37 plays). He’s been here for three years. I’m looking for him to go in and be real productive. Cedric Johnson will start this weekend and regain his position. Nick Black played real well last weekend, and now he will rotate between both guard spots.”

Overall feelings on the season so far: “If you ever get to where you feel really sure defensively, it gives you a lot of flexibility on offense. If the defense continues to make progress, it gives you a couple of different directions you can go offensively. The biggest disappointment now would be scoring in the red zone. I think we’ll need touchdowns instead of field goals. I am glad Aaron Hunt was 4-4 this past Saturday, but I would rather have three more touchdowns and three less field goalsl. “There is still improvement we can make up front, and with Willie (Simmons). Some things did improve last week though. I really like some things that have happened with this team. If we continue to make progress offensively, then we’ll have good potential. We’ve only had one 20-yard run and one 30-yard pass, and that’s not very good. And this is a designed big-play offense.”