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Quotes From Monday’s Clemson Football Press Conference

Dec. 13, 1999


his ACC-Coach-of-the-Year award. “That award usually means that your team has experienced some success. I think the award is a direct reflection on our staff and players. As a matter of fact, it is more related to their participation and effort than anything I have done.”

the long layover before the bowl game. “I would not say the layover is the toughest part. Our players do not have class so the preparation will not be that difficult either. The toughest part is going against a team with linemen over 300 pounds and a defense that is ranked number one in the nation overall.”

preparing his team for the bowl game. “There is a fine line between making it too much work and not enough reward for the players. Finding that balance between work and pleasure is the most difficult part of being a head coach. I feel comfortable with what we are doing but that is no guarantee that we are going to win the game. Usually the team with the best players wins, but overall I am very pleased with what we are doing.”

Clemson’s offensive strategy against the Mississippi State defense. “They really take away the run. They are ranked number one in the country in overall defense and against the run. The execution of our passing game is going to be very important. Both Woody and Brandon have proven they can throw the ball. If our protection is breaking down then Woody would probably be able to escape their pressure better. If our protection is good then Brandon would probably be able to find that secondary receiver better.”


Brian Wofford comments on the importance of winning a bowl game during his final year at Clemson. “It is really important because you would like to be able to win your final game. We have not won a bowl game since 1993 so it would be great to go out with a win. There have been several classes before me that have left without winning a bowl game and I do not want that to happen this year.”

Brian Wofford comments on the importance of Clemson’s receivers in this game. “Our receivers have had a big responsibility all season so it will not be any different for this game. It is basically our four or five receivers against their four or five players in the secondary. As usual if we make plays then we will win the ball game and if their secondary makes plays, they will win the game.”

Woodrow Dantzler comments on the game. “Their front line and their secondary are very tough. We are going to have to come out and execute. Their defensive statistics and their ranking in the country speak for themselves. For us to win, we are really going to have to play well on offense.”