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Quotes from CJ Spiller on being drafted in first round by Buffalo Bills

April 22, 2010

On if he had any idea he was headed to Buffalo: When I laid down last night I reflected on all of my visits and I just remembered all of my conversations that I had when I went up to Buffalo. I had a good feeling that’s where I was going to land. I’m very excited that they made the decision. It’s one that they will never regret and I’m going to come in there and work hard.

On the decision to return to Clemson in 2009 and pursue his degree: Just like you just said, I wanted to graduate and then of course play one more year with my guys. You only get one chance to be a senior in college and I just wanted to experience that. But the main focus was for me to graduate which I accomplished.

On the reaction he got from the Board of Trustees when he decided to return for his senior year: I was not expecting that at all. I was honored and it was a humbling experience. Like I tell guys, you never know who is watching you both on and off the field so I try to carry myself the best that I can.

On what he knows about the Bills’ offense and what he learned during his visit in Buffalo: It’s a great offense. Coach Gailey knows how to use his guys so I’m excited. They have two great running backs that started with Marshawn (Lynch) and Fred (Jackson). I’m just looking forward to going in there and learning from the guys. Whatever my role is, that’s what I have to accept.

On who he looks up to and his comparisons to Tennessee RB Chris Johnson and New Orleans RB Reggie Bush: I try my best not to compare myself. Every guy is very different and that’s the thing that I kept preaching to teams when I was meeting with them that you’re not going to draft either one of those guys. The guy you’re going to be drafting is C.J. Spiller. Those two guys (Chris Johnson and Reggie Bush) are great. It’s an honor to just be mentioned amongst those two because of what they have done in the NFL.

On if he wants to be an all-purpose player in the NFL: Whatever my role is, my main focus is just winning, getting to a Super Bowl and bringing back the glory days that used to be in Buffalo. That’s my main focus and all I’m worried about. I’m not worried about how I’ll be used in the offense or how many catches I’ll have. My main focus is just what can I do to help this team reach the Super Bowl.

On what he thinks about cold weather: It’s great. I’m not affected by it at all. I played at Clemson and it was cold there, so I’m not worried about the cold weather at all. You just have to adjust to it and I’ll be willing to adjust to it when I play.

On what game in his career stands out the most to him: I want to say the ACC Championship game. Whenever you’re playing for a championship it’s always great and the way the game was going back and forth it was an awesome feeling. Two great teams going at each other trying to win the ultimate prize and that was the championship. Unfortunately we fell on the short end, but sometimes that’s how it goes.