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Q&A With Ryan Norton

Q&A With Ryan Norton

By Brooke Skelley // Athletic Communications


Q. Why did you choose Clemson?

A. The family environment. It feels like home here.


Q. What are your pregame rituals?

A. I like to flip through the program and stretch. I do not tend to listen to music like a lot of the guys do. But if I did, I would listen to classic rock.


Q. What have been your top moments as a Tiger?

A. My first start against Georgia last year and winning that game. Also, running down the Hill for the first time was an amazing experience.


Q. What are the best parts of playing for Clemson?

A. Being able to wear the Paw. There is so much behind the Paw, the uniform and the university. There is such great tradition here and it is great to be a part of it.


Q. What is the best advice you have received from your coaches?

A. To always come out with a positive attitude. Having a positive attitude in every aspect of life can really bring a different outlook on everything.


Q. Who has influenced you the most during your time with the program?

A. When I first came here, the starting center was Dalton Freeman. He really took me under his wing and taught me a lot. He was a role model for me even if he did not know it.


Q. Who is your biggest role model?

A. My parents. They both work extremely hard to make life a lot easier for me and I will never be able to repay them for that. They are awesome.



Actors – Will Ferrell & Mel Gibson

Athlete – Ryan Kalil

Book – Harry Potter series

Class at Clemson – World War I

Dream vacation destination – Rome, Italy

Food – Mom’s homemade lasagna with pepperoni

Ice cream flavor – Vanilla

Jersey color – Orange

Movie – The Patriot

Place visited – Charleston, S.C.

Song – Welcome to the Jungle

Television show – Breaking Bad