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Q&A With Isaiah Battle

Q&A With Isaiah Battle

By Kathryn Andreoli // Athletic Communications


Q. Why did you choose Clemson?

A. Because it is family-based. No matter what, it is always a family-based program.


Q. How did it feel to receive preseason all-conference accolades?

A. It felt great, but I still feel that I have work left to do. It sounds really good, but I always need to get better on the field.


Q. How does it feel to be a Clemson Tiger?

A. It means a lot. It brings a lot of enthusiasm and belief that we can play our best every time we come to the field.


Q. How is it rubbing Howard’s Rock and running down the Hill before every home game?

A. It feels great. It’s a rush of adrenaline. Everything that you have worked for, you feel it here right before the game.


Q. How do you describe being a student-athlete at Clemson?

A. Coming here with my guys, I have grown a bond. It’s a great feeling.


Q. Who have you modeled your play after?

A. Brandon Thomas, an offensive tackle who played here the last few seasons, showed me a lot. He really brought me in and taught me a lot about the game on the offensive line.


Q. What are some of your goals?

A. To be the best student-athlete and player I can be, and to lead this school, both on and off the field.


Q. If you were talking to a recruit about coming to Clemson, what would you tell them?

A. I would tell him to get your mind right, work hard and take any criticism to make you get better.



Clemson color – Purple

Day – Friday

Food – Soul

Holiday – Christmas

Ice cream flavor – Strawberry

Movie – Love & Basketball

Professional sport – Basketball