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Post Game Quotes: Clemson vs. UNC

Oct. 20, 2001

Clemson Head Coach Tommy Bowden

“It looked like one of those days when nothing you did went right. You’re hoping that it does, and sometimes in football you experience that. We tried everything. We tried reverses and different formations on offense. [North Carolina] played really well. I can see why they are nationally ranked and I can see why they have had success in the last few games. You have to give them credit. They had a good plan. We did not hold anything back and I don’t think we are as bad as what we looked. I don’t know if we are as good as we thought we were going into the game.”

On the offense stalling… “That happened a few times. We got down there and got absolutely nothing. They have a very talented defense. We tried to shake guys open and call routes, and anticipate being open versus certain coverages, but if Woody Dantzler is not making plays, you can see where we struggle. Nobody else could make a play today and that is what hurt us.”

On stretching the defense out and throwing deep passes… “We tried some early. We called a couple and guessed wrong, and then came back in the second half and threw some, but we just could not hit them.”

On communication between the sideline and Dantzler due to North Carolina’s defense… “There was a lot of communication between the sidelines and Dantzler. [North Carolina] did some things they have not done this year. You expect for a team to put in some new wrinkles, and then you’ve got to make adjustments. They came out with something that they have never done before, therefore we were making a lot of checks, and that slowed the tempo of our offense down.”

On defensive schemes… “North Carolina and Georgia Tech’s defenses looked similar until today. Woody made some big plays against Georgia Tech. Today, when Curry broke the second level there was nobody there to contain him. He’s too deadly to let that happen.”

On Clemson’s lack of passing success… “They applied good pressure and have some tall linemen. They have got some good secondary people that cover well, and that’s what they did. We had some guys who have been out for awhile and when [North Carolina] put some guys up on them close tight coverage they have trouble shaking them. We have got to have somebody else other than Woody to make a play. Either a catch-and-run or a great catch, kind of like Rod Gardner did last year. We don’t have that in our arsenal right now. It was a big weakness today.”

On Clemson’s effort… “I’ll have to look at the film. I don’t think they quit. In the two and a half years I’ve been here they haven’t quit. I saw guys playing hard, and I saw some balls dropped, but I don’t think anybody quit.”

UNC Coach John Bunting Quotes

General comments on the game: “I’m extremely proud of the team and the staff. We started 0-3 and have won five consecutive games, which I understand is an ACC record. We never stopped believing. I’m glad we have a bye-week coming up, we need a rest.”

On the UNC defense: “Our ability to contain Dantzler is a tribute to the guys working together. There was no special scheme, we just attacked the blocks with vision on the ball carrier.”

On Durant’s performance: “From day one he has shown that he can play, and he continues to progress. The more he plays, the better he gets. He’s a gamer and he has great presence out there. But there are also guys out there catching passes and the offensive line was protecting him well.”

On Curry’s performance: “I thought last week was his best game of the year before he came out. But today was pretty close before he had to come out. I think he’ll play against Georgia Tech, but I’m not sure. We have to give these things about 48 hours before we know. He was upset and I could tell he was in pain.”

On his pre-game expectations: “I did not expect as complete a game as we played today. We are playing with a lot of emotion right now and the guys have developed a great sense of camaraderie and chemistry. After half time, we played like a tem that was behind. We came out and played aggressively in the second half.”