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Post Game Quotes

Sept. 24, 2005

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Clemson Head Coach Tommy Bowden Quotes Vs. Boston College

On the physical style of the game “We couldn’t make a play down the stretch either on offense or defense to go ahead, to get a winning point, a winning run, a winning chance. We just couldn’t make it. A lot of credit goes to B.C. They are a quality team. We’re two plays away from being 4-0.”

On the third-down conversion rate “We’ll have to improve on that. We won’t win many games like that. It just goes to show you how close we are that we can be 0-11 on third-down conversions and play a top-25 team right down to overtime. If we’re going to have any success, we’re going to have to convert third downs.”

Charlie Whitehurst quotes: “All of these losses hurt the same. There isn’t one that hurts more than the other. We had the opportunity to win.”

“We didn’t pass as much as last week because you have to take what the defense gives you. I got sacked on the second time I dropped back to pass, and we ran the ball successfully.”

“They are a good football team. They kind of snuck up on us and took the win away.”

“The defense was tough today. It was frustrating being on the sideline and not getting out on the field.” This is the first time this season that we didn’t play well as a team. Now is the time that we have to have a gut check.

Tye Hill quotes: “It is a long season. We still have a shot at Jacksonville. That was our first loss in the division, now we have to make sure to take care of everyone else.”

“I think that this game was won in the trenches. It was a very physical game, and they were just able to make more plays.”

“90 plays is a lot for our defense to be out on the field, but we are all well conditioned.” “I believed that we were going to win. It is all about what you do next week. Wake Forest is a tough team, and we will have to be ready to play when we go up there. “Shock. It looked like we had a chance to win, and they took it away.”