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Players, Coach Bowden Comment on Javis Austin

Nov. 18, 1999


Head Coach Tommy Bowden

“I feel badly this has happened. Our hearts and prayers go out to Javis Austin and his family. Our only thoughts are with his recovery. We want to do everything we can to help him return to a healthy and fullfilled life. Javis is a popular member of this team who had been working hard in practice. He is a player who has the respect of his teammates.”

Brandon Streeter, Senior, Quarterback

“It was real difficult, we had a team meeting just to let everybody know what his situation was. It’s just unfortunate and we are all praying for him. That is the main thing right now, to pray for him. Hopefully he can heal. Our prayers are out to him and his family. In the team meeting, Coach (Bowden) just gave us what the situation was with Javis. We talked about how important of a guy he is and how much it meant for all of us. I think we are going to win this one for him.”

Brian Wofford, Senior, Wide Receiver

“We are certainly keeping Javis and his family in our prayers. He is a member of our family and we are going to stand by him and help him anyway possible. Everyone on this team is a Javis Austin fan and we want him to succeed. We want him to know that we are thinking of him and his family and that he has our support.”

Fans interested in sending cards and letters to Javis Austin may mail them to:Attention NICU--Javis AustinAnderson Area Medical Center800 North Fant StreetAnderson, SC  29621