Time is a rare commodity for collegiate scholar-athletes, leaving a problem in need of a solution. P.A.W. Journey doesn’t allow the scarcity of time to become an excuse not to develop the necessary career skills its students need to be successful in the workplace.

The Answer? Micro-Internships.

P.A.W. Journey’s 5th Quarter Micro-Internship program connects its scholar-athletes to industry-leading companies to learn and explore career interests. Through micro-internships, we collaboratively create intensive opportunities that offer our student leaders an arena to showcase their cross-industry intangibles while refining their skills in practical corporate settings.

COVID-19 Message

Despite having to postpone due to COVID-19 in 2020, P.A.W. Journey partnered with 15 companies to provide a total of 40 internships. These internships spanned 2 countries and 12 states to offer career development opportunities of a lifetime for our students, while also providing opportunities to 6 of Clemson’s Olympic sports scholar-athletes. We thank our corporate partners and look forward to the future marketplace engagement of our students!

P.A.W. Journey has adapted from the traditional in-person internships to continued, virtual internships for May of 2021. As interviews for these internships are underway with our scholar-athletes, we want to sincerely thank our corporate partners for their innovation and commitment to the development of our students:

  • Adobe
  • Service Now
  • Facebook
  • Cisco

Internal Internships

Best is the Standard is a sentiment echoed throughout the Allen N. Reeves Football Operations building. With high-performing, nationally recognized departments within our walls, P.A.W. Journey created internship opportunities within Clemson and Clemson Football. Here, our –scholar-athletes are able to learn the behind-the-scenes work that propels a National Championship caliber team. Through knowledge and project based rotationals, our young leaders have the opportunity to intern with the following departments this Spring and Summer:

  • All In Foundation
  • Clemson Applied Science Lab
  • Clemson University Athletic Department
  • Creative Solutions
  • Equipment
  • Nutrition
  • Recruiting
  • Clemson University’s President’s Office
  • Football Operations & Security
  • Sports Medicine
  • Strength & Conditioning