Time is a rare commodity for collegiate scholar-athletes, leaving a problem in need of a solution. P.A.W. Journey doesn’t allow the scarcity of time to become an excuse not to develop the necessary career skills its students need to be successful in the workplace.

The Answer? Micro-Internships.

P.A.W. Journey’s 5th Quarter Micro-Internship program connects its scholar-athletes to industry-leading companies to learn and explore career interests. Through micro-internships, we collaboratively create intensive opportunities that offer our student leaders an arena to showcase their cross-industry intangibles while refining their skills in practical corporate settings.

In 2019, P.A.W. Journey partnered with 15 companies, totaling 39 internships in two countries and eight states, to offer internship opportunities of a lifetime.

P.A.W. Journey believes it has found the formula designed to turn a short-duration internship into an impactful outcome. Combining scholar-athletes that have rare sets of intangibles with creative and industry-leading companies, when time is limited, micro-internships are a solution!

COVID-19 Message

Despite having to postpone due to COVID-19 in 2020, P.A.W. Journey partnered with 15 companies to provide a total of 40 internships. These internships spanned 2 countries and 12 states to offer career development opportunities of a lifetime for our students, while also providing opportunities to 6 of Clemson’s Olympic sports scholar-athletes. We thank our corporate partners and look forward to the future marketplace engagement of our students!

a special thanks to:

  • Google
  • The Late Show
  • NFL
  • Adobe
  • Ogilvy
  • Cisco
  • GE Healthcare
  • Elliott Realty
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Smith & Nephew
  • FCA
  • First Rate
  • IBM
  • Segars Ranch
  • Synnex