Through a stepwise curriculum, P.A.W. Journey has created ample opportunity for its students’ to invest their time into crafting financial plans for their present situations and promising futures. The goal is to provide accumulating knowledge that contributes to the overall financial wellness of each student leader.


This Spring, P.A.W. Journey facilitated 5 financial literacy information sessions led by Steven Stack and Nick Schuessler. Within these sessions they discussed budgeting, money management, investing, debt & credit, and NIL, NFL & life beyond.


Spring 2021, P.A.W. Journey facilitated multiple education sessions on financial empowerment, led by former Tiger Nick Schuessler. Our scholar-athletes participated in discussions regarding budgeting, investing, and how to set themselves up for financial success.

Education Sessions:

Beginning with the basics, the Budgeting 101 session features the early principles of saving money, opening accounts, writing checks and discussing stipend-spending habits. Shared practical resources, such as templates and phone apps, permit easy access to begin and maintain budgeting processes for any of our students in their financial-literacy journey.

At a more advanced state, the Credit & Loans session serves to educate on the definitions and resources for obtaining and establishing these necessary economic processes. From establishing credit as a college student to applying for home or auto loans, this session provides insight into making smart purchases and browsing options for early financial-wellness establishment.

The Stocks and Investments session, marketplace philosophies and best practices are shared for continual growth and wealth management. Students are able to learn about stocks, compound interest, and how to get started in investing. Resources for all levels of interest in investing are shared during these sessions, providing an open door to discuss entrepreneurial interests and future career aspirations.

Many students aspire to play professionally in the NFL and, through the NFL Costs session, they are more prepared to enter the league. Through discussions of contract breakdowns, costs of living, and taxes in states of play, students are able to realistically look at the potential earning and expected costs affiliated with an NFL playing career. During this session, students are also informed about payment structure, opportunity costs, and pitfalls to avoid.