Each year, P.A.W. Journey provides reflection-based opportunities for personal growth and development through its STRIPED pillar. The 2020 leadership meeting was hosted by John Pullen, a Chief Growth Officer and P.A.W. Journey mentor. Pullen hosted two sessions, one for our underclassmen and one for our upperclassmen. He discussed the importance of developing self-awareness, the process of becoming a great leader, and the power of your life story. Pullen emphasized the capacity we all possess to be an authentic leader and how fundamental it is to explore and learn from the power of your story and your “why”. The students discussed with one another the obstacles they have faced, experiences that have shaped them, and what they can individually improve on in order to polish their leadership skills and be men of greater impact.

In the spring of 2019, the entire team participated in the CliftonStrengths assessment, a tool and resource used to identify talents and themes within each individual.  Divided into domains of executing, strategic thinking, relationship building and influencing, the 34 themes represent an array of skills and behaviors that each student leader exhibits. Following the assessment, a report of the top 5 themes was generated and shared with each team member, explaining those themes and their contexts for application.

A complimentary session was held following the assessment completion to further explore how these strengths can be applied as STRIPES for each Tiger. Through partnership with the Submarine Way, P.A.W. Journey hosted a dialogue about identifying, understanding and maximizing one’s top themes in day-to-day life. Whether it be competition, empathy, consistency, intellection or any other of the 34 represented strengths, each student leader was able to discuss his results and consider how to use the themes in personal and professional endeavors.