The annual spring football game brings much buzz for the upcoming season, showcasing the talents and hard work of the team following their spring training. While ESPN and other media outlets were taking the field to prepare to capture the plays of the scrimmage, our juniors and seniors were preparing in a different way. Beyond their football-ready routines, the upperclassmen within the team participated in P.A.W. Journey’s annual Agent Education Day.

This educational program brings together a member of Clemson’s compliance department, a professional from a sports agency and a former Tiger, who all address the group and their invited parents. Discussions of rules, best practices and personal experiences provide in-depth information to the families and leaders to make upcoming decisions on building their future teams for their professional aspirations. Brandon Thomas, the 2019 Clemson football alumnus speaker, shared his journey of choosing an agent, team negotiations and special considerations made when constructing his support system for entering the NFL.

Before the 2021 Spring Game, our Juniors, Seniors, and their families were able to virtually join a panel with the National Football League Players Association. In this year’s session, we discussed the business side of being a professional athlete, agent regulation processes, the NFL Draft process, and the support the NFLPA provides. P.A.W. Journey is also committed to continually serving our professional athletes, not only through these prepatory sessions, but also from support of our OVERTIME pillar, specifically for our former players.

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Through these opportunities, P.A.W. Journey is able to provide holistic education and implementation. From learning the process and considerations to applying those skills in organized meetings, our student leaders are prepared to make informed decisions about their futures.