A Call to Men educates men all over the world on healthy, respectful manhood. This includes breaking down societal systems, behaviors and perpetuated expectations regarding manhood and masculinity. The dialogues facilitated by A Call to Men serve to promote self-awareness of participants and to prevent violence and discrimination.

The speaker for the event, Mr. RahK Lash, created an engaging space for the illustration of the “Man Box,” or the collective socialization of men. This illustration depicts the expectations that are taught and reinforced by society on the definitions and limitations of manhood.

By addressing the various facets that contribute to masculinity, our student leaders started their discussion by identifying examples that contributed to their constructs of manhood. From media to common phrases heard throughout their lifetime, the entire team committed to analyzing these examples and continually recognizing them in their daily lives.

Though programs such as this, P.A.W. Journey remains devoted to the identity awareness and mental health practices that challenge and support our young men today to be exemplary leaders, husbands, fathers and community members of the future.