Brand Building

It is a priority of P.A.W. Journey to prepare and empower each of our influential young men to develop their personal brands. Effective personal branding allows each of our scholar-athletes to tell their stories, perspectives, and passions to the world! Using their platform as a collegiate athlete, our leaders are able to show themselves beyond their jersey number to an ever-expanding audience through social media and marketing.

Upcoming: Build Your Brand Workshops and NIL discussion sessions


In a time of heightened self-marketing and promotion permissions, P.A.W. Journey recognized a growing need to support students growing in their individual brands. Thus, the first P.A.W. Journey Showcase was born to promote and encourage the personal style and personalities of students. Featuring outfits, lighting, and backgrounds all chosen by the students, this initiative combines creative freedom and business strategies for branding. Delving into their current brands, their vision for their futures, areas of improvement, and desired partnerships, students were able to frame goals and content outcomes before ever stepping in front of the camera.

Opendorse Partnership

For each game, practice, P.A.W. Journey initiative, and everything in-between, photography and videography of our student leaders are being captured. A student’s platform is continually elevated with how they engage on social media and the content they share. In 2020, our Creative Solutions team revamped Clemson’s process of delivering content to scholar-athletes. With well over 25,000+ pieces of content delivered through Opendorse, our scholar-athletes are able to generate millions of impressions on their own social media channels.

Social Media Summit

Though COVID-19 has altered our format for this intuitive, the 2021 Social Media Summit will be underway in Spring 2021! Stay tuned for future updates.

In the age of online influence, understanding one’s digital footprint and brand leveragability is a necessary life skill for today’s Tigers. Through the connection made through Clemson Football’s Creative Solutions Team, P.A.W. Journey was able to host executives from Twitter, Facebook/Instagram, and Nike to discuss their respective platforms and opportunities for personal brand growth.

Through using examples of currently well-branded athletes, Twitter’s David Herman shared how the words and hashtags chosen from the 280-character limit can engage diverse demographics and build following. From Facebook/Instagram, Vincent Pannozzo, introduced features of each platform that current brand powerhouses are utilizing to inform and interact with fanbases created and maintained through social media. The program culminated with Nike’s Jeff Lulay, discussing how using aforementioned platforms and other media contributes to brand opportunities and securing endorsements.

Beyond expanding their knowledge of the pathways to connect and construct their social media identities, the student leaders gained valuable knowledge on the security of these platforms and extra precautions to take when online. The scholar-athletes were also able to talk directly to the executive guests to ask questions and set up additional security for their accounts from the experts.