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Orlando Day Two: Pictures & Quotes

Dec. 17, 2002

Head Coach Tommy Bowden Quotes

On difference between practicing for a bowl and regular season:“The preparations are the same. You’re still trying to get the same things done. There are more distractions. It’s harder to get the players to focus on what they have to do.”

On WR Derek Hamilton“He’s been limping, but he’s getting better now. He started getting better once we had a few days off. But he limps when he walks normally. That’s why we call him ‘noodle.’ When he stops dropping (passes), I’ll stop calling him noodle. But until then, that’s his nickname.”

On players that have stood out during first two days of Orlando preparations:“J.J. McKelvey has looked good. Keith Kelly, Bernard Rambert, John Leake, Tommy Sharpe, Rodney Thomas, Bryant McNeal, Nick Easton. The usual leaders. The guys you’d expect to set the tone.”

On running back rotation: “We’ll keep the same rotation, but we’ll stick with the guy with the hot hand. If someone breaks a couple of long runs, we’ll keep giving him the ball. But to start with, we’ll keep the same rotation.”

On Winter Park, Fla., native Will Proctor“He’s done a good job in practice. We’ll get a better look at the younger guys later in the week.”

On the return of OT Gary Byrd:“It’s great to have him back in practice. He’s been a terrific leader for this team, so it’s good to have him back with the team.”